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    over grown
    10 days ago

    Not a bad walk, but parts of the walk are not easy. There are paths in the woods that are steep, rocky overgrown and with tree roots, not for the faint hearted. Also not always well indicated so easy to take a wrong turn.

    Great walk, the dog enjoyed it too. A little bit of everything, woods, moorland, lake. Will go back there when I can.

    Not a bad walk, quite a lot is on tarmac. Next to the canal is the best part.

    Nice walk,around 2 hours, the druids temple is worth seeing

    Great walk with a bit of everything. Woods, water, hills. Path well marked. Great for dogs too.

    1 month ago

    Nice walk with the dog. A couple of places were not well marked but with the App soon back on track.

    This is a nice walk but spoiled with the paths crossing the fields on the Estate. They have been ploughed and reseeded with cereal crops leaving no real path. Prepare to get wet if it is raining. Also not well indicated in some places with broken stile crossings. Not suitable for dogs as you need to lift them at the fence styles.

    Nice walk taking just over one hour. Some of the pathway is overgrown so nettles can be a problem. Also there was a fenced barrier blocking one place so had to make a small detour and climb over a fence.

    This is a nice walk at the start along the river and fields but after halfway it continues along roads so not suitable if you are taking dogs. Also it is not always well marked so pay attention to the satnav directions.

    Great walk, though part of it is on the road which can be busy.

    This is a nice easy walk we done Sunday morning with the dog. It took a little over 2 hours. The path is well paved so no problem in the wet with mud.

    This is an easy walk, plenty of flat ground. it took us just over an hour.