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    Patrice Hansen

    Portland, Maine 

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    Patrice Hansen reviewed Sawyer Mountain Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Today’s hike in the Sawyer Mountain Highlands was wonderful! We went to the trailhead at Limington (117), got a map, and decided to go up the Sawyer Mountain Road. We saw the sign for the Sherwood Libby Trail, but most reviews we read were for the former, so we opted for that. The trail is so interesting! There are cabins and homes right on the road, as well as numerous cemeteries and side trails. We stayed on the main trail and with a few stops for breathing and water, made it to the top with no problems. The bugs (after spraying ourselves with bug spray) were minimal, although we had to reapply later in the hike. We descended via the Sherwood Libby Trail, which proved to be a beautiful, winding meander through the woods, up and down several “hills”. There are some steep areas, but nothing too taxing. Amazing rock walls for property boundaries made us appreciate the hard work the early settlers must have endured. The whole trip took us just under 3 ½ hours (4.9 miles). Lots of stops for pictures and trail mix! Saw two owls and the usual number of squirrels. Everything was well-marked and easy to follow. We understand the Sherwood Libby Trail is new…great job! We will definitely go back.

    Patrice Hansen completed Sawyer Mountain Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Patrice Hansen reviewed Smith Preserve: Long Loop

    about 1 year ago

    This is an excellent hike! Today was cold and rainy, and we were looking for a hike that was challenging length-wise, but not too strenuous. This hidden gem is well-worth the hunt (GPS got us there easily) and will surely become our go-to hike for years to come. We only made it in about 3 miles due to worsening weather, but we got enough of a workout. It has gentle inclines on the rocky, rooty path that winds through beautiful, peaceful woods, but it would be considered easy by most casual and moderate hikers. I need one of those once in awhile! Will be back on a better day for the entire loop.

    Patrice Hansen completed Smith Preserve: Long Loop

    about 1 year ago

    Patrice Hansen reviewed Pleasant Mountain via Southwest Ridge Trail

    about 1 year ago

    My husband and I hiked the Southwest Ridge Trail yesterday. It was our first hike this spring, and we probably should have worked up to it! The trail goes straight up the mountain, which means straight down at the end! There are very few flat areas for respite. It is listed as moderate, but we would also consider it strenuous, due to the steepness and rocky nature of the trail That being said, it was gorgeous. The day was perfect and the views spectacular. We will definitely go back later in the season. Do NOT forget bug spray! We met only two other hikers, but shared the trail with millions of mosquitos!