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    Member Since April 2019

    Parker Young

    Oceanside, California 

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    Parker Young reviewed Skyline Trail: Cactus to Clouds

    26 days ago

    Date: 4/27/19
    Start time: 2:48am
    Summit Time: 2:20pm
    Party size: 3 experienced hikers

    H20 carried each: 6Liters
    Calories carried each: 3200cal (roughly)

    Outrageously beautiful.
    Trail is currently in good shape. However there are downed trees, overgrown shrubs, and cacti before ranger station. Bring extra light for safety.
    At ranger station you can fill up water. Always call before your hike to be certain.
    The rest of the hike is straight forward until you reach the snow where you can get off path easily. Snow is packed but easily permeable.
    Once you summit, be aware when descending as you can slip. (Glissading down the summit is the greatest thing ever)

    Download the trail map and be aware.

    Bring micro spikes and you will be happy.
    You can purchase a ONE WAY Tram ticket to get down as a hiker for $12-$14. To end your day with the experience of the Tram ride is wild ;p