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    Member Since November 2018

    Paljeet Singh

    New Delhi, Delhi, India 

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    Paljeet Singh reviewed South Sister Trail

    7 days ago

    Going up is hard but going down the rocks is super hard - please do not do this if you are not in super shape. Also carry some sorta pain killers, just Incase your knees hate coming down. And do not do this without any poles - carry a jacket or wind coat it’s super windy at the summit. 2+ hydration pack should be enuf - carbs would be your real friend. Start in the morning and eat light ... good luck, you can do it - it’s a life time experience ... step up your cardio game at the gym at least 2 months in advance .... have fun y’all !

    Mr. Singh , signing off with a super sore knee

    Paljeet Singh completed South Sister Trail

    7 days ago

    Paljeet Singh reviewed Forest Park Ridge Trail

    18 days ago

    Cute little hike - our favorite is the Ridge Trajl - Firelane loop , it’s a good walk won’t call it hard or moderate - initial climb can be a little challenging if you are outta shape. Oh! SNAKEs ... so be careful

    Paljeet Singh followed Tanna Waters

    5 months ago

    Paljeet Singh saved The Chute

    9 months ago

    Paljeet Singh saved Steelhead Falls

    9 months ago

    Paljeet Singh saved Tam-a-lau Trail

    9 months ago