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    Patrick Motschenbacher completed Talus Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Patrick Motschenbacher reviewed Mount Si Trail

    over 4 years ago

    This is Seattle's outdoor gym and the only trail aside from Snow Lake where I can count on getting a sampling of today's latest colognes and perfumes from every other odoriferous Seattlite with whom I cross paths. OR, if I am extra lucky, I get to hear the latest beats booming out of their little I-something-or-others which can be found dangling bling-like from their brand new neon colored packs.
    That said, you can avoid this added bonus by arriving EARLY in the morning, during the middle of the week before or after summertime. The trail is totally worth it and the people aren't as bad as most people (like me) make them out to be.

    The main trail on Mount Si is in top condition at the moment. I started up the mountain at 7:15am. The weather was perfect and the trail was beautifully empty. I didn't need the fleece I brought nor any rain gear. Temperature was about 55 F but steadily rose into the 70's by the time I reached the top two hours later. I hydrated thoroughly beforehand and drank about a liter and a half during the trek (mostly on the way down.).

    On the way down I ran into a few members of the Washington Conservation Corps working on a section of the trail. These folks work hard at keeping the trails in top condition. I said, “Hi” and “Thanks” as I passed by.

    I love this mountain. The whole Twin Peaks thing burned this mountain into my consciousness years ago when I lived in Michigan and I'm unbelievably grateful to be able to hike to it's highest point and experience it in real life.

    Patrick Motschenbacher reviewed Shi Shi Beach Trail

    over 4 years ago

    The only pass you need for day use hiking at Shi Shi Beach (pronounced "shy shy") is the Makah Recreation pass which you can buy at Washburns in Neah Bay.
    The first half of the 1.7 mile trail through the forest is quite easy and has been well maintained. There are boardwalks and bridges over extremely wet areas. The second half is very muddy and wet. At many points the mud is simply unavoidable. I sloshed through most of it to avoid contributing to the extra trail making that is occurring around some of the mud holes and ended up half way up my calves in mud.
    At the end of this trail, right before getting to the beach is a steep bluff which I easily descended by simply paying attention to natural staircase of root systems and ropes that have been left there for people to use when coming up or down.
    The beach is beautiful and the walk to the Point of Arches is well worth the extra effort if you enjoying exploring tide pools.
    Refer to a tide chart when planning your trip so you can arrive when the tide is low and experience the wonders and weirdness of tide pool life.
    The weather today was amazingly perfect for a long walk on the beach. We saw lots of starfish, crabs and lots of sea anenomies. The bald eagles seem to be everywhere. Perfect beach hike!

    Patrick Motschenbacher reviewed Cape Flattery Trail

    over 4 years ago

    THe only pass you need for this hike is the Makah Res recreation pass which you can buy at Washburns in Neah Bay for 10 dollars.
    Perfect easy hike to the most Northwestern point in the contiguous U.S. for all ages and ability levels. Wear comfy hiking shoes, bring a little water and a snack. Don't forget head lamps or flashlights for the way back if going for the sunset. Enjoy the view of Tatoosh Island and the lighthouse.
    We saw sea otters, cormorants and bald eagles. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

    Patrick Motschenbacher completed Shi Shi Beach Trail

    over 4 years ago

    Patrick Motschenbacher completed Cape Flattery Trail

    over 4 years ago