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    P H

    Death Valley, California 

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    P H reviewed Upper Yosemite Falls, North Dome, Indian Rock, Snow Creek

    14 days ago

    We did the trail to North Dome from Tioga road. Around 19 km with the detour to Indian Rock and around 300-400 meters to climb.
    Amazing view on Yosemite valley and not too packed, which is nice around here.
    Last part kind of fun if you liked climber a bit in the rocks (absolutely no danger).

    P H reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    14 days ago

    First half of the hike to Vernal falls was packed. Second part a bit better.
    Beautiful falls worth the hike if you're not a misanthropic person.
    Hard to eat something at the top of Nevada falls because of the wasps. Walk a bit further (with a lesser good view) if you wanna have a lunch in peace.

    P H reviewed Telescope Peak Trail

    14 days ago

    We started at the bottom of wildrose trail, because we had no 4x4. 9 hours out and back, 1500 meters to climb and probably around 30 km. Better to start at Mahogany flat if possible. Really difficult hike, but wonderful! Trail is really narrow: you better watch your steps, especially on the way back when you are tired.

    It was mid-September : 2 liters of water per person, between 15 and 25°C in the air, and plenty of sunscreen.

    P H completed Telescope Peak Trail

    14 days ago

    P H saved Panorama Trail

    22 days ago