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    Member Since May 2018

    Osheen Shrivastav Pro-red@3x

    Bethesda, Maryland 

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    Osheen Shrivastav reviewed Doyles River Loop via Appalachian Trail

    9 days ago

    Nice trail with light traffic. Mostly isolated after 5th mile. GPS showed 9 miles in total.. and best was seeing two bears at the end of the trail loop!!! :)

    Osheen Shrivastav added RMNP

    13 days ago

    Osheen Shrivastav added Letchworth

    19 days ago

    Osheen Shrivastav added Upstate Hikes

    2 months ago

    Osheen Shrivastav completed Bunsen Peak

    2 months ago

    Osheen Shrivastav reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    2 months ago

    Such an amazing and beautiful trail. Our group took the mist trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls and JMT trail back to trail-head. Mist trail is appropriately named and we got drenched by the time we reached the top of fall. Rain jacket and waterproof backpack covers are highly recommended.

    Osheen Shrivastav added Shenandoah NP

    2 months ago

    Osheen Shrivastav reviewed White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run Trails Loop

    2 months ago

    Very strenuous with lots of rocks and stream crossing. Waterproof shoes are recommended. Took 6 hours to complete the cedar loop and total miles were 9.5 miles, not 7.3 miles as mentioned by NPS website. Lots of lunch/food break spots near the waterfalls. Must do!

    Osheen Shrivastav added hiking goals

    3 months ago