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    Member Since July 2019

    Olivier Moretti

    Novelda, Valencian Community, Spain 

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    Olivier Moretti reviewed Boucle de Ville-sur-Yron depuis Jarny

    7 days ago

    I think part: D952 is a bit dangerous for hiking !!!!

    Olivier Moretti reviewed Alt de Pedreres

    14 days ago

    very beautiful path. and very beautiful view. go around backwards !!! 15kms500 in 3h20. it goes up hard !!! markup not so good.

    Olivier Moretti completed Alt de Pedreres

    15 days ago

    Olivier Moretti reviewed Alt del Canyo

    19 days ago

    superb ballad of 12 kms. Ascent begins with the discovery of old mills and streams. climb quite steep. beautiful landscapes. calm . go down pretty scabrous. 2h30 walk with stops.

    Olivier Moretti completed Alt del Canyo

    21 days ago