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    Jennifer Vukasin Rafferty reviewed Forest View Trail

    2 months ago

    To find trail head- park across the street from the State Police station. Often Info on where the exact trail is, is not provided. When you are looking at the building the trail head is on the far left of employee parking lot - you will see a sign. As mentioned in another comment below, unless you are looking for strenuous uphill cardio take the trail clockwise by taking this entrance. Use All Trails carefully there are a few tricky turns but very well worth it. Hike starts out flat, and yes parkway noise but you soon head away and down. Beautiful trail w a few waterfalls and pretty well maintained.

    Jennifer Vukasin Rafferty reviewed Tallman Mountain Hudson River Overlook Trail

    3 months ago

    The GPS does not take you to a parking lot. Once you get there, it is a gravel wide path. It goes about a mile and then dead ends. Not at all what All Trails maps it out to be. It is completely unremarkable. Too lush for any views. However, When you first get in, you will see a trail off to the right (green marker). It is a well planned completely UP trail to a nice view. There is a parking lot up there so it must also be a turn out for a look out.

    Jennifer Vukasin Rafferty reviewed Likeke Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Beautiful scenic trail! We missed the tree and hiked up and we’re glad we did it was great! Then came down, found the tree made the turn and found fall.

    Jennifer Vukasin Rafferty completed Judd Trail

    4 months ago

    Jennifer Vukasin Rafferty reviewed Judd Trail

    4 months ago

    Beautiful trail that opens to a grove of large pines! Muddy and rooty- of course!