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    Member Since June 2019

    Nolwenn Garnier

    Paris, Île-de-France, France 

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    Nolwenn Garnier saved Fitch Mountain

    15 days ago

    Nolwenn Garnier reviewed Bull Creek Flats Trail

    16 days ago

    Beautiful hike! Easy path, well clear and flat. But some mosquitoes and ticks

    Nolwenn Garnier reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    17 days ago

    Beautiful hike!

    Nolwenn Garnier reviewed South Fork to Rhododendron to Cathedral to Foothill Loop

    17 days ago

    Very nice hike, there were no more rhododendron flowers but redwoods were worth it! Very practicable way

    Nolwenn Garnier reviewed Dry Lagoon

    17 days ago

    Hike between stone lagoon and big lagoon, the path had not been completely cleared and some portions were covered with vegetation, making the progress difficult. It offers few views of the lagoons during the walk

    Nolwenn Garnier completed Dry Lagoon

    17 days ago

    Nolwenn Garnier saved Lands End Trail

    3 months ago