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    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Pumpelly Trail

    21 days ago

    Was raining a bit and was misty when starting - was extremely windy once we reached the top. Beautiful views as usual.

    Happy Hiking. Stay safe.

    Nishranth Gauthaman completed Pumpelly Trail

    21 days ago

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Hancock Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Brutal climb.

    Started easy enough, nut once you reach the junction, we took left and started with the North peak. It is a gain of over 1100 feet on 0.7 miles. Problem was not the climb but the trail itself. Fallen trees, gnarly roots, eroded trails. So watch your footing. The ridge run b/w the 2 peaks was fun and there were great views from the outlook points on both the S&N peaks. And the then the descent began - same level of steepness, except that there was ice on the trail. What fun. :)

    Microspikes are a necessity if planning to climb down the south peak as the ice is pretty slippery at most places. Again, watching the footing.

    happy hiking, stay safe.

    Nishranth Gauthaman completed Hancock Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Mount Waumbek and Mount Starr King Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Much fun, much slipping & sliding. The snow was slushy, used microspikes, pretty easy hike. Spent about a solid hour on the peak. If you wanna start trail running on mountain trails after a long time, this is a good place to start.

    IMPORTANT: Great views of the snow capped Presidential range are available only on the spot beyond the peak. There would be finches on the ledge.

    Happy Hiking. Stay safe.

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed North Kinsman and South Kinsman Trail via Lonesome Lake and Appalachian Trail

    3 months ago

    Did it on 4/7/18. It was a beautiful day with good sunshine. It had snowed 2-3 inches the previous day and so there was some fresh snow. There is a ledge near the North peak which had some amazing views. We spent around 1.5 hrs on the South peak. It was snowing slightly on the way back. Made for an awesome sight at Lonesome Lake.

    About the trail, it's pretty straightforward with a few icy spots. I used microspikes on the way up and snowshoes on the way down.

    Time spent hiking, excluding the 1.5hr break was 8hrs.

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Mount Liberty Trail

    3 months ago

    Gorgeous day, amazing views. This trail is a like a stair on steroids. Definitely going back and doing this in summer once again.

    Saw someone running up and down this mountain for a workout. Wow.

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Thunderbolt Ski Trail

    3 months ago

    Have done this trail both up.and down in both fall and winter. Winter and climbing up is most fun - in 3 steps forward 1 step is lost to slipping down. It's a short hike, but a good workout.

    Use the hiking poles when getting down to avoid damaging your knees and to get a better grip/footing.

    Happy Hiking.

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Mount Tom, Avalon, and Field Loop

    3 months ago

    Took left at the fork and did Avalon and Fields first and then swung around and did Tom. The A-Z trail leading down from Tom is tricky in that the trail is covered by snow drift and it being next to a steep slope doesn't help - watch your footing. Else it's super fun and a easy 6 hour hike. No views worth talking about - it was snowing. Snowshoes only, microspikes kept ice balling up making them useless.

    Also be ready to shed layers - I changed into just a base layer and a raincoat (snowing) because the trail is steep on the way up and you WILL sweat and get wet from the inside if you don't take care. Pit zips on jackets sure help.

    Go up Avalon and Fields because these are more steep and then go down the A-Z trail (very small stretches of steep trails). For those inclined to get down on your butt and slide, this is going to be super fun since it presents plenty of opportunities to do so. Let the kid in you out and slide down - you won't regret it. :)

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Mount Jackson Trail

    3 months ago

    Pretty icy. A beautiful hike. After moving from AZ this was quite a change for me. Trust in the God of Crampons (lol) and keep going. It was 30mph winds on the peak and quite cold. Make sure you watch your footing when you hit the rocks near the summit. Those are slippery, else this was a straightforward hike and it's impossible to stray off path.

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Mount Greylock Summit via Bellows Pipe Trail and Thunderbolt Trail

    5 months ago

    Great hike. Took the Thunderbolt Ski trail up and the bellows down. There are a couple of trees on the trail - nothing you can't scramble over. And don't leave your snowshoes in the car like I did, once you approach the summit, they will come handy. There was fresh powder, so it was a lotta fun. Beautiful weather too.

    Nishranth Gauthaman added In the future

    12 months ago

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Wildrose Peak Trail

    12 months ago

    It's hard at certain points but the pain is worth the view.

    Nishranth Gauthaman completed Horton Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    Nishranth Gauthaman completed Wildrose Peak Trail

    12 months ago

    Nishranth Gauthaman reviewed Walkin' Jim Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Pretty nice trail if you are looking for solitude. Did not meet another soul during the entire hike. But the trail is barely visible at certain points and be sure to find the trail while crossing the many creeks, else you will get lost and would have to retrack your path. If you are a novice, download the GPX file and go.

    Turned left at the fork and did the Little Jim trail - at the beginning this was okay, but in parts the grass was hip high and scratchy. Was rewarded with a beautiful view on the top of a small hillock. Also make sure to cover the ENTIRE BODY in clothing if you dont wanna be scratched silly. Saw plenty of wild burros and other wildlife like hares, etc. Fun, but just be mindful to keep track of the trail,

    Nishranth Gauthaman completed Walkin' Jim Trail

    about 1 year ago