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    Niranjan Deo

    Dunellen, New Jersey 

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    Niranjan Deo reviewed Rim-to-Rim: North Kaibab to Grand Canyon Village

    16 days ago

    Did it last Monday (September 23). Started at 550 AM at the North Rim trailhead. Got to Phantom Ranch at 11 with brisk walking and a bit of jogging. The temperature was all the time between 60 and 70 F with cloud cover all the way.
    Notes - we could have easily done this part without carrying any water on us, as there were sufficient water stations. but we did have 2L on us throughout.
    PR to SR we took the SK trail as the weather was extremely good. left PR at ~1145 and reached the trailhead at 5 pm. Sk trail haz absolutely no water, and we could do ot just because of the mild temperatures. Will not recommend going up SK if the temps at PR are in the 90s and a sunny sky!

    IMO - good running shoes are good enough for this trail. I used trail runners but not necessary really. Cheers!

    PS. This was my second time, had done it last year but did so over two days. Last year when we started on the BA trail from PR the thermometer read 103f! A lot diff than this year! but this hike offers such spectacular views that I might do it again in 2020!