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    Member Since August 2019

    Nikhil Kumar

    Jackson, Wyoming 

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    Nikhil Kumar saved Phelps Lake Trail

    14 days ago

    Nikhil Kumar reviewed Pine Creek Falls

    14 days ago

    Fun hike without a lot of tough uphills but enough to get you moving. There were lots of families with children and dogs on the trail. The falls at the end are not very big but are still beautiful and relaxing. There are nooks and crannies around the falls to find some space to sit quietly while others are taking pictures and whatnot. There are also a few areas to step off the trail along the way and get closer to the creek/river. Overall a nice, quick, accessible hike.

    Nikhil Kumar completed Pine Creek Falls

    14 days ago

    Nikhil Kumar reviewed Monument Geyser Basin Trail

    14 days ago

    Short hike but mostly vertical the whole way up. As someone from the city, I thought the views were beautiful the whole way, including the top. The highlight was continuing down the trail to check out the geothermal area. I’m not sure if I was supposed to, but I went off trail to look at the hot springs and vents more closely. Overall a fun hike to get the heart rate up without spending all day.