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    Member Since September 2017

    Nick Patronella

    Dallas, Texas 

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    Nick Patronella reviewed Escarpment and Cattail Pond Loop

    13 days ago

    Nice easy trail. Some large muddy spots with all the recent rain but still passable. Good rocky terrain to mix it up and some cool rocky steps. Start on Cattail Pond trail if you don’t want to climb the steps. Mostly shaded and a great elevated lookout point. I’d hike it again.

    Nick Patronella added Portland

    26 days ago

    Nick Patronella added Texas - Austin

    26 days ago

    Nick Patronella added Texas - Dallas

    26 days ago

    Nick Patronella added Denver

    26 days ago

    Nick Patronella reviewed Upper Maxwell Falls Trail

    26 days ago

    Awesome hike, trail not marked that great but still found our way pretty easily. From Texas and was concerned about not seeing a picturesque waterfall, but seeing it partially frozen was still amazing. River flowing with a lot of frozen patches.