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    Member Since July 2018

    Nicho Gonzalez

    Princeton, New Jersey 

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    Nicho Gonzalez completed Sleeping Lion Trail

    21 days ago

    Nicho Gonzalez completed Star Field Trail

    29 days ago

    Nicho Gonzalez reviewed Clark Tower Trail

    30 days ago

    nice tall trees, beauty

    Nicho Gonzalez completed Clark Tower Trail

    30 days ago

    Nicho Gonzalez saved Bull Island

    3 months ago

    Nicho Gonzalez saved Goat Hill Overlook

    11 months ago

    Nicho Gonzalez reviewed Assunpink Wildlife Management Area Trails

    about 1 year ago

    Not too many real trails, just trails made by tractors you have to follow. Eh not the best. not at all what I was expecting.

    Nicho Gonzalez reviewed Baldplate Ridge and Pleasant Valley Trail

    about 1 year ago

    great mountain for beginners with a great view if you make it to the lodge!