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    Member Since December 2018

    Nate Queisser

    Union, Washington 

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    Nate Queisser reviewed Lake Sundown Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Very beautiful but difficult. I came in from the South Fork Skok Trailhead. It’s about 8 miles in one way. The trail is pretty overgrown in places and there are a lot of big trees down in the trail. The trail is difficult to follow at time and disappears frequently after the second river crossing. The bridge at the second crossing is out and you have to ford the river. The last mile and a half is straight up and there is still snow on the other side of Sundown pass but it is passable without much difficulty. There are fish in the lake but they were very reluctant to bite any fly I threw at them, didn’t see any over 10 inches

    Nate Queisser completed Lake Sundown Trail

    about 1 month ago