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    Natasha Welsh

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Natasha Welsh reviewed Grays and Torrey's Peak

    10 months ago

    We hiked Gray's and Torreys and as someone that has done several other 14ers, these guys were harder than expected! I think adding Torreys was the real kicker. Its a steady but slight climb through the valley with a few flat parts and then an uphill slog to the top of Gray's for the last 1-2 miles. Gray's has a beautiful view and we saw tons of mountain goats (with their babies!). We didn't get to rest much on Gray's since we were doing Torreys. Torreys actually seemed like the easier hike even though it was a class two. Do Gray's first then Torreys! For us, the downhill was worse than the uphill just because it seems to go forever. BE WARNED the hike was closer to 9 miles than the listed 7.7 and will be farther if the parking lot is full (we ended up hiking 11 miles in 9 hours). All in all, a beautiful and easily accessible hike, but beginners should perhaps stick to one mountain unless they're really feeling it. (fyi, as others have said 4wd is probably needed for the road)

    Natasha Welsh completed Grays and Torrey's Peak

    10 months ago

    Natasha Welsh reviewed Beartracks Lake Trail

    10 months ago

    trail is not easy by any means but easier than your average 14er (just to give a comparison idea on the steepness). it's mostly uphill the whole way but does drop off a bit here and there for a break. be warned, to get to the campsite is almost an extra mile so the route round trip is more like 12 miles instead of 10. camping by the lake is phenomenal but be sure to bring bug spray! also keep in mind that the camping area is almost at 1200 feet so it is colder up there than expected. Our second day we had some beautiful fog and saw a moose! I was carrying about 35 lb. and others in my group were carrying about 50 lb. and we made the trip in a little under 5 hours. with a bit of preparation and knowledge of the difficulty, it is a great hike!

    Natasha Welsh completed Beartracks Lake Trail

    12 months ago