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    Member Since October 2017

    Natalie York

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

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    Natalie York reviewed Wedgemount Lake

    6 days ago

    This hike is HARD work but well worth it! Cold at the top though, bring some warm clothes to put on. Give yourself some time to walk around up top. If you go around the lake there’s a glacier on the other side that is cool to check out. We didn’t stay overnight but would be great to camp or stay in the cabin there. There’s a bathroom at the top.

    Natalie York completed Wedgemount Lake

    6 days ago

    Natalie York reviewed Ha Ling Trail to Ha Ling Peak

    6 days ago

    Went on a Tuesday in September around 4:30 and it wasn’t busy at all, only passed about 15 people the whole time. Definitely need hiking boots to do the top portion (lots of scrambling across rocks) and was really cold at the top, most people brought hats and mittens. Was relatively cloudy but the what we could see was really cool and definitely worth it.

    Natalie York reviewed Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

    7 days ago

    The walk through the canyon is really easy, and you can choose to continue on to the ink pots when you get to the end of the canyon walk if you want. That part is a little more difficult but the ink pots and the valley at the end is beautiful and definitely worth it. It’s a good hike for a rainy or foggy day since there’s not much elevation gain (the clouds won’t impact your view).