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    Member Since March 2018

    Natalia Schmidt Pro-red@3x

    Portland, Oregon 

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    Natalia Schmidt reviewed Bighorn Canyon Trail

    1 day ago

    Started this a little after 7am this morning and it was simply amazing! My husband and I did not see anyone else the whole time. I can’t understand why this is not more popular. The Trail to the canyons was easy and the canyons were amazing. Very fun to explore! We went to the right horn canyon first all the way up to the viewpoint (great to see all the iron accumulated from the rock formation. Watch the video at Visitor Center to understand more about the whole process. It’s worth it!) After that we did the left canyon. Which is not as narrow as the right one, but it’s beautiful! The colors on the walls are stunning! I did Zebra Slot Canyon and Tunnel Slot canyon yesterday and can’t understand why that’s more popular than Big Horn Canyons, because it is waaay prettier! Arrive early, take a lot of water and enjoy it!

    Natalia Schmidt completed Devils Garden

    3 days ago

    Natalia Schmidt saved Zebra Canyon

    4 days ago

    Natalia Schmidt completed Piracy Point

    4 days ago

    Natalia Schmidt added Piracy Point

    4 days ago

    Natalia Schmidt completed Yovimpa Point

    4 days ago