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    Nanci Nolan completed Rocky Point Trail

    18 days ago

    Nanci Nolan added Peter

    4 months ago

    Nanci Nolan added Heidi and Luna

    5 months ago

    Nanci Nolan reviewed North Walton Peak

    6 months ago

    This trail is well spotted for about 5 minutes and then there was no clear trail. We stumbled upon a few blue diamond markers, but they made no sense. We were traversing an old marshy riverbed, several times, and, without a compass and a printed map of the area, we would have been lost. Not an enjoyable hike at all due to the bush whacking. We also had to jump, splash and hop across a stream that involved all of us getting our boots soaked.

    Nanci Nolan completed North Walton Peak

    6 months ago

    Nanci Nolan reviewed Santa Fe Peak

    8 months ago

    We thoroughly enjoyed our snowshoe hike along the mining road, but we only went as far as tree line due to weather coming in. We were the only ones on snowshoes, all other tracks were from skis and boards, winding off the trail through the woods. Beautiful views. Protected from the wind while below tree line. Parking was a bit difficult as the trail head is off a residential street. Moderate difficulty is accurate. Slow steady uphill climb.

    Nanci Nolan completed Santa Fe Peak

    8 months ago