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    Monica Czuczman reviewed Old Rag Mountain Loop Trail

    5 days ago

    We went on a clear and sunny Friday morning after it had rained all night. We arrived at the parking lot around 7:30 am, but didn't start hiking until 8:30. This was intentional -- we wanted to get to the parking lot early enough to snag a spot and then take our time to eat breakfast and take advantage of the porta potties Don't underestimate the length and difficulty of this hike! It took us 6 hours to complete with several small breaks throughout.

    The highlight of this hike is definitely the rock scrambling portion. Wear sturdy shoes with good grips and long pants if you can! There were plenty of times when I had to slide down a boulder or use my butt and knees to support myself, hah.

    Next time we will probably take longer breaks and definitely bring more water.

    Monica Czuczman completed Gorge Trail

    3 months ago

    Monica Czuczman added Want to hike

    5 months ago

    Monica Czuczman completed Sand Spring Trail

    5 months ago

    Monica Czuczman completed Shades of Death Trail

    5 months ago

    Monica Czuczman completed Boulder Field Trail

    5 months ago

    Monica Czuczman updated The Beehive Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman updated Precipice Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Precipice Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman completed Precipice Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman reviewed The Beehive Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman completed The Beehive Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman updated Glen Onoko Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Mount Minsi via Appalachian Trail

    about 1 year ago

    I am writing this 5 months late and I don't remember this being a loop, so perhaps we went back the wrong way!

    We went on an early, rainy morning, so fortunately we did not come across the crowd that many others have written about. What we did see A LOT of were these tiny, orange salamander looking creatures.We made it a game to name each one of them :) The hike was definitely moderate; not too easy, not too hard. The lookout point overseeing the Delaware River was unreal. Because we were the only ones there, we took our time and ate our lunch in peace.

    After hiking the trail even further, we got to the point though where we just had to turn back, otherwise we wold have continued on the AT -- so this is the part that confuses me about this being categorized as a loop.

    We'll probably go back to figure out where we went wrong...or simply to enjoy the trail again, but it was seriously a lot of fun :)

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Appalachian Trail, Pinnacle Trail, Valley Rim and Pulpit Rock

    about 1 year ago

    I would rate this as "HARD", because it is such a long hike and you just feel like you're climbing endlessly. However, the final lookout point was absolutely beautiful. My best advice is to bring plenty of water. If you think you've brought enough...bring one more bottle. Unfortunately we did not prepare well for this hike and everyone in our group was severely dehydrated at the end. And go when the weather is cooler.

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Tucquan Glen Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Some trails are about the destination, this one is about the journey. Go here if you are looking for tranquility and beauty. While it was the easiest and quicket hike I have done so far, it was also one of the most magical (and fun!) I went when there was autumn foliage and watching the leaves float in the sky was pretty surreal.

    Would I go back again? No, solely because it is a nature preservation site, so I do not want to further contribute to the foot traffic. But I am glad I went once and I am very happy I have pictures to remember this trip.

    Monica Czuczman completed Tucquan Glen Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Glen Onoko Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    My recommendation is to gather as much information as you can about this trail prior to going, because it is not well marked. Read up on blog posts written by people who have hiked Glen Onoko and choose how you want to complete this trail, because it can either be incredibly hard or moderate.

    My review is based on the more challenging way of completing this trail.

    Be prepared to use your hands and knees to climb, crawl, and pull yourself up big, slippery boulders. You *can* get away with wearing non-hiking boots (my husband wore his sneakers), but make sure they have good traction, otherwise, you will slip and injure yourself.

    As someone who has hiked several trails, I personally believe this should be rated as "HARD". While it is only 3 miles long, there is a lot of rock scrambling, poorly marked trails, and slippery surfaces. Overall, it's a challenging, but worthwhile hike with a beautiful waterfall and lookout point to look forward to :)

    Monica Czuczman reviewed Kitchen Creek Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    We started from Rt. 118 and walked the moderate trail towards Waters Meet. This initial hike was nice, but easy-moderate at best. I would say, don't get too distracted during this initial trail and save your energy for the next part.

    At Waters Meet, we made a left (having the waterfalls to our right) and continued towards Highland Trail. This is a long stretch with plenty of steep stone steps, but the waterfalls are abundant and if you see any opportunity to get closer to the waterfalls, take it! It’s probably the best part about this entire trail.

    Highland Trail was flat and dry, a nice break from all the climbing. Towards the end, we took a detour towards the Beach Area and then went back on the opposite side (having the waterfalls to our left). Here, the trail was steeper, more slippery, making it more challenging than the other side. Take your time and watch your steps.

    If you don’t spend too much time at the waterfalls and stay on the trail, you can probably finish in 3-4 hours, but it took us 6.5 hours.

    Overall, it was not as challenging as other trails rated as “HARD” and while the waterfalls were beautiful, it can get mundane having the same view for 7 miles straight.

    Monica Czuczman completed Rickets Glen Falls Loop

    about 1 year ago