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    Mitzi Sepulveda

    Palo Alto, California 

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    Mitzi Sepulveda reviewed Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

    6 days ago

    The walk around the boardwalk is an absolute must! Even before getting up to the prismatic hot spring you will get to see the hot water discharging into the river. I would recommend to go later in the afternoon to get better pictures.

    Mitzi Sepulveda reviewed Mystic Falls, Fairy Creek and Little Firehole Loop

    6 days ago

    This hike was enjoyable. We started at Biscuit Basin and saw the springs and geysers. We did this hike counterclockwise and the views were great. We also saw Old Faithful erupt from above which was unexpected. Mystic Falls were beautiful but I wish I could’ve gotten closer.

    Mitzi Sepulveda reviewed Taggart Lake Loop

    6 days ago

    I did this hike on Sept. 2 2019 and started around 2PM. We went counterclockwise. The hike was ok but what made this hike special was the view of Targgart Lake and the Tetons. Me and my fiancé stopped to have lunch here and dipped our feet in the lake. After lunch we completed the loop. Make sure to stop and look around. We stopped a couple more times and gazed at the Teton range. It was a nice a easy hike.

    Mitzi Sepulveda completed Taggart Lake Loop

    6 days ago

    Mitzi Sepulveda reviewed Jenny Lake Trail

    6 days ago

    I did this hike a week ago on September 1st 2019 and started at 8am. It took us about 4.5 hours. We stopped a lot to view wildlife and the amazing views. I enjoyed it very much and I would recommend it as your first hike at the Tetons. We started at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center and went counterclockwise towards Hidden Falls. (You can take a boat shuttle if you are trying to do more hikes afterwards.) Before getting to Hidden Falls we saw two female moose hanging out at the Moose Pond loop.At Hidden Falls we saw a mama bear with two cubs drinking water. We continued towards Inspiration Point and followed Cascade Canyon then String Lake to connect back with the Jenny Lake Trail. We saw a mama mule deer with three does. There was plenty of wildlife on this hike.

    Mitzi Sepulveda completed Jenny Lake Trail

    6 days ago

    Mitzi Sepulveda added Yellowstone

    17 days ago

    Mitzi Sepulveda added Grand Tetons

    5 months ago