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    Member Since August 2019

    Miranda Hartwell

    New Orleans, Louisiana 

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    Miranda Hartwell reviewed Royal Arch Trail

    14 days ago

    This was my first hike - I am a moderately active early 30s woman. We wore hiking boots and spoke about how glad we were that we did. Lots of rocks to climb and crawl over. Coming from New Orleans, it was very difficult to keep my breath at first. I stopped often to let my heart rate chill. The way up was exhausting... I felt like a fat ass. But then I saw small dogs and people carrying babies and I knew I was being a sissy. I carried on. Once you reach the top it is so, so lovely. I met a nice girl who offered me a white claw. It was a highlight. Would recommend bringing a beer or a drink to reward yourself as you gaze about and feel proud of yourself. It was beautiful and breezy and refreshing. Once we had finished taking up the premiere rock ledge and getting our photos, I was excited to head back down. SO much easier. I practically skipped and ran merrily, grasping my white claw all the while. Some bro gave me kudos and said to his pals “that’s a pro move right there”, and I grinned and skipped along, him being none the wiser I had breathlessly trudged my way up.

    You can do it, too. Recommend for most. Be aware you’re going to make your knees beg you. I did this Friday morning... it is now Sunday early evening and it hurts my quads immensely to stand up. Bring an alcoholic reward.

    Miranda Hartwell completed Royal Arch Trail

    14 days ago