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    Member Since September 2019

    Mike Freedman Pro-red@3x

    Walnut, California 

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    Mike Freedman reviewed Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Campground and Mt. Islip

    10 days ago

    Went up to little jimmy and the the springs (really just a pipe draining water), then up to the top of my Islip. Total round trip about 8 miles. Great views from the top. A few people, mostly people leaving from camping the night before.
    Almost good enough to say your away from everything , accept for the motorcycles you could hear (I’m torn because I ride as well). Overall great day, worth the trip

    Mike Freedman added to do

    15 days ago

    Mike Freedman reviewed Cobal Canyon Fire Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    Great workout. A bit boring

    Mike Freedman reviewed Eaton Canyon Trail

    16 days ago

    Always crowded. Bring the kids though it’s fun

    Mike Freedman completed Eaton Canyon Trail

    16 days ago

    Mike Freedman reviewed Chilao to Mt. Hillyer via Horse Flats Trail

    16 days ago

    Went solo had a great time. Lunch on top of the highest rock at the end....great view