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    Member Since June 2019

    Mike Doil

    North Hills, California 

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    Mike Doil reviewed Paseo Miramar Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Definitely take water with you as this hike is all uphill to the top. You should probably be in decent cardio shape to make it to the top.

    That said, I don’t know if too many trails that offer the spectacular views of Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean as this trail does. If you put the work in, the reward is well worth it. The trail is very clean with little to no overgrowth on it.

    Parking is not to much of challenge but is easier if you go in the morning. The trail head is in a residential area with a long winding drive up to it. Great workout trail!

    Mike Doil completed Paseo Miramar Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil completed Rock Pool and Century Lake Trails

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Rock Pool and Century Lake Trails

    about 1 month ago

    Super easy path to walk and run on. Once you get deeper into the lake path (as opposed to the pool path), a portion of the path becomes sandy...almost like running on a beach. I tool the trail up to Reagan Ranch expecting to see at least one building but like all the trails in this park, I found out they just dead end into nothing.

    That said, it is a good easy workout for trail runners. Just be aware there are a lot of people that come to this park especially to the rock pool with their kids.

    Also, it costs $3.00 an hour or $12.00 per day to park inside. If you can find parking outside the park and don’t mind walking a bit, I’d recommend doing that.

    Mike Doil reviewed Skull Rock Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Nice trail to get a good workout on. If you are a trail runner, take caution because the tail is full of obstacles that can and will trip you up. There are some portions of the trail that are pretty narrow and close to the canyon edge but the trail itself is not too steep (if your in decent cardio shape) and offers extraordinary views of the surrounding Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica areas as well as the Pacific Ocean.

    I recommend taking your hydration pack if your hiking or running in the summer. I went counter clockwise on the loop but you can also attack it the other way too.

    I also park on Temescal Canyon to avoid paying a parking fee and simply wall across Sunset Blvd to the trail head.

    The trail was a little overgrown in some areas so watch out on the narrow portions of the trail to avoid tripping. You can see small wildlife such as a variety of birds and lizards and the flora is pretty abundant as well.

    Definitely worth the hike!!

    Mike Doil completed Skull Rock Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil reviewed UCLA Perimeter Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil completed UCLA Perimeter Walk

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Fryman Canyon Trail

    about 1 month ago

    When you start the trail at the trail head, be prepared for a moderately steep climb up that doesn’t abate until short of a mile in. That said, the trail offers great views of Studio City and the surrounding San Fernando Valley.

    Durning the summer months, I recommend you carry a hydration pack as the trail is hot especially on the asphalt portion of the trail. If you bring your dog, be sure to have something to pour some water in it for it to drink.

    There is a water fountain up near the trail entrance to the cool little amphitheater but that is about two miles into the hike. As you follow the trail, it will dump you out in a very nice residential neighborhood where you will finish up the approximately 3.3 mile loop. Be sure to explore a few of the ‘fingers’ off the main trail for other panoramic views of the surrounding valley.

    The trail is well kept so there is no real concern about snakes or other wildlife that can’t be seen.

    Mike Doil completed Fryman Canyon Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Mike Doil reviewed San Vicente Mountain: Old Nike Missile Site Trail

    about 1 month ago

    You can take the fire road up which is a nice walk up with a moderate slope or you can take the upper trail which is much more extream consisting of several steep hills to navigate. The upper trail is popular with mountain bikers but also offers trail runners a solid workout.

    I recommend wearing a hydration pack either way.

    Mike Doil reviewed Venice Canals Trail

    3 months ago

    This is a nice easy path...not really a trail to take a leisurely walk around the homes and area near Venice Beach. There are many good photo ops along the path.Take your time to walk around the area. There are many nice neachy themed bars and restaurants very nearby. Free parking on the side streets can be a challenge so be prepared to pay for parking in a lot. The beach is literally just a couple of blocks away and is very nice at the golden hour of the day. Excellent overall area to explore and take in all things Southern California.

    Mike Doil completed Venice Canals Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Runyon Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    A very good trail for your training. That said, the parking around the park is a bit of a challenge on the weekends.

    The trail is actually a very large dog park so you will run into many people and their dogs especially on a weekend. It's actually a bit over crowded and some dog owners don't pick up after their dogs which is a turn off.

    That said the trail does offer a good workout and you can transition over to a road that leads up to excellent views of the surrounding area.

    Because it is a dog park there are water fountains around but I recommend having a hydration pack with you.

    Just be aware you either need to get there early or be prepared to drive around looking for parking.

    Mike Doil completed Runyon Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Inspiration Point Trail

    3 months ago

    A very easy trail up a wide path. Once at the top, you are rewarded with awesome views of Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

    Also take in the free tours of Will Rodgers house and learn the history of his life. On Saturday's and Sunday's you can take in Polo matches which is awesome but bring your own chairs. Great place to have a picnic as well.

    I recommend parking along the side of the road leading into the park so you don't have to pay to park. Do not park on the residential streets because they are permit only and everyone knows that LA enforces parking since it's a big revenue stream for the city and LA county.

    Mike Doil completed Inspiration Point Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Mandeville Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    One of the best LA area trails. Unlike other LA area trails, you can actually find parking along the residential streets. If you start at the bottom, it is uphill just about the entil lenghth of the trail.

    It's about four miles one-way to the top where you will see the cold war era missile defense that protected LA and the surrounding basin throughout the Cold War. Needless to say, the views of Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Will Rodgers Beach and the Pacific Ocean are spectacular. There are lots of wildflowers you will encounter so it's a pretty trail.

    There are actually two primary trails you can take...the easier fire road or the.much steeper mountain bike trail which offers unparalleled views of the area.

    For those who like "celebrity spotting" this is your trail. Many celebrities live in the area and like to hike it because they are pretty much anonymous out on the trail.

    For the trail runners out there, I recommend using a hydration pack since there is no shade out on the trail and it does get warm.There is a working water fountain at the top by the old missile silo to fill back up.

    This is a great workout for training runs.

    Mike Doil reviewed Temescal Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Excellent trail up the side of the Santa Monica Mountains. Great views of the Pacific Ocean. Path oscillates between wife and narrow so have good situational awareness of the edge of the trail at all times. I've seen lots of wildlife along the trail including beautiful and non venous milk snakes around the water holes.

    I recommend you using a hydration pack along this trail and especially if you are trail running. This trail is a great workout.

    Mike Doil completed Temescal Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil completed Mandeville Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed UC Davis Arboretum Trail

    3 months ago

    Not much of a challenge since the entire path ia flat. That said, this is an absolutely beautiful trail through the flora around the UC Davis campus. And because it is flat, you can accumulate a ton of miles in your training runs and hikes. All you Fitbit users will like it because you can get thousands of steps in walking around the path and campus.

    Additionally it is common to come up on turkeys, ducks and other wild life throughout the campus. It's also nice to stroll in the many various places to eat and get a drink while your out.

    Mike Doil completed UC Davis Arboretum Trail

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Gates Canyon

    3 months ago

    I actually start my run from Orchard Street and hit Gates Canyon. Once on Gates Canyon Road, its a pretty straight shot to the top with some nice views of the coubtry life of Vacaville. It is mostly shady so summer running is good up the road.

    At about 3 miles in from Pleasant Valley, it starts to get a moderate slope up. It will definitely give you a good workout and solid running miles for your training. The road does end near the top and transitions into a dirt/gravel road which can make the downhill run more challenging so be sure to wear appropriate trail running shoes or slow your pace down to avoid potential falls on the non-paved portions.

    Be a little careful as you near the summit because the road narrows and has a few curves and the small car traffic you will encounter may not see you until they get up on you.

    All said, this is one of the best hill workouts in Vacaville and as said keeps you in the shade for the most part. I recommend running and/or hiking with a hydration pack .

    Mike Doil completed Gates Canyon

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil reviewed Lagoon Valley Loop

    3 months ago

    You can get a ton of miles running around the lake. If you are a birder, you can see many different species of bird around the lake as well as deer. It's very beautiful in early spring after the rains when the surrounding hills are green.

    Mike Doil reviewed Corral Canyon Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    A few parts of the trail were overgrown but not that bad or problematic. I was actually looking for the cave Jim Morrison lived in but never found it. I plan on going back and spend more time to try and locate the cave.

    Mike Doil completed Lagoon Valley Loop

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil completed Peña Adobe Hill

    3 months ago

    Mike Doil completed Corral Canyon Loop Trail

    3 months ago