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    Way too much sand. That’s the only challenge. The trail is just a trail. I don’t know what the trail maker was thinking. Get rid of that sand. 3 hour drive to ride on a bike beach.

    Trails are really confusing and not marked. More markers would make this a great trail. I could care less where it’s located or next door to.

    This trail doesn’t offer anything challenging other than the annoying sand at every turn. Useless if you ask me. That would be the only challenge on this trail. Save your time and pick another trail

    8 months ago

    Not bad for the ride. A lot of inclines and turns. Give it a try. I went on the 3 mile course twice, next time I’ll try the 8 mile

    Great trail. Many options to take on the trial. Visiting from another state. I would recommend it but put mosquito spray on before you ride. They were out today.

    I doubt I would be paying to an entrance fee to ride my bike. Not worth it with so many other trails nearby

    mountain biking
    9 months ago

    It was ok. Course was very easy. A lot of overgrown vegetation. I always visit this spot once in a blue moon and it’s decent for the distance, but not challenging enough. I took my girl with me and she had no issues on the trail and she’s been riding for two weeks now.

    Went twice to this location. It has a variety of trails to pick from. I would recommend just for a ride

    It was great riding on the north end. Although it was closed off further up because of construction. The ride is worth the view. Plenty of water to look at.