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    Michael Ajifu reviewed Lake George Trail

    4 months ago

    Started at 7:40 am. Clear skies. Temp 48. Distance: 12.1 mi
    Final destination was Gobblers Knob via Lake George. Overall a very nice hike. Granted the uneventful 3.5 mile jaunt on the forestry road from the parking to the actual trail head has little to be desired. But once at the T/H, the hike is simple (0.9 mi w/ ~400 ft gain). The lake was very pretty. There is a full campsite with restrooms. After a few photos, I continued to Gobblers knob.

    The hike from Lake George to the lookout was 1.6 mi (marked signage). The trail starts off nice and wide, but some points it became narrow with some slight overgrowth around the "fields" areas just before the "dirty brown pond". Don't panic, keep trekking it will shortly open up wide and clear again. As the real incline begins (note in 1.6 miles w/ gain of ~1200 ft. and 9 or so switchbacks) its like any other good trail. Not rooty or rocky....just right. Mt Rainier comes into view as you go higher.
    At the top, full 360 as you walk around the lookout (in very good condition I might add). I saw a mountain goat pop up about 75 ft away on a rock ledge to say hello...I was the first up there today so he must have been lonely. lol. Stayed about 20 min and back down. Check out my pics here. Enjoy!

    Michael Ajifu completed Lake George Trail

    4 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Melakwa Lake via Denny Creek Trail

    5 months ago

    Fantastic hike. You get to experience all sorts of terrain :) And no bugs whatsoever this morning. It was good knowing that most of the elevation gain occurred as you approach Hemlock pass. Consistent pace is the key.

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Lost Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Lost Lake via Greenwater lakes
    Trip Times: 9:40a-2:20p
    Distance: 12.2 mi

    Road to TrailHead: FR70 off of 410 is fully and nicely paved 2 lanes. Yes to the trailhead parking lot. Lots of campers on the road up..and a target shooting range too. The TH has two vault toilets..decently clean. The TH can accommodate about 20-25 cars easily in marked stalls. Really.

    As you begin the hike. The trail to the greenwater lakes (~2 mi) has minimal overall elevation gain and the trails are good and wide. There are some short upward stints, but come back down. Overall, anyone can do it easy. You'll also get to cross numerous wood bridges (one notably is tilted, and one further down is a skimpy makeshift log bride). Both funny to look at, but fully functional nonetheless. You'll see a lot of camps and tents along the trail. As you pass the Greenwater lakes (2), you'll soon enter the Norse Peak wilderness boundary (signage)...and yes the elevation gains start to appear more often. About 3/4 mi further, you get to a clearly marked junction for Echo Lake and Lost Lake.

    As I choose the Lost Lake journey, the elevation gains start right off (see pic)...up and up. Not crazy incline (maybe 400-600 ft/mi rate). The trail is rooty and rocky at times. And as you get futher along the vegetation does cover the trail slightly (indicating it is not highly trafficed). All in all, its easy to follow (be careful of ticks - wear Deet and Premethrin). You'll pass a couple a small streams and you can hear the Lost Creek runoff making music as it cascades down the mountain. Eventually you hike past Quinn lake (small hidden behind trees - but you can walk your way down to it). A bit further and nearing Lost Lake, you'll walk through an eerie place...boulders, burnt tree field. So sad to see. After treking through that, you've arrived at Lost Lake.

    You can clearly see a trail around the lake. I tried to walk it, but near the lake ingress (south side), the ground is ver saturated and grassy with lots of fresh (literally) cougar and bear paw prints leading to the water from the surrounding woods. Felt a bit uneasy. So just turned back and headed back...after talking lots of pics.

    Overall a very good hike.

    Michael Ajifu completed Lost Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Michael Ajifu saved Vesper Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Oyster Dome Loop

    6 months ago

    Oyster Dome Loop Trail

    Distance: 8.5 ~ 9.0 mi
    Start: 7:15a
    End: 11:10a

    Parking: I arrived early to get a spot along Chuckanut Dr. I think it can accommodate about 15 cars along the shoulder. When I finished, I saw plenty to spots still open near the, your call.

    The start is at the school bus stop sign...really. The trail starts the accent immediately at a 15-20% grade (sometimes 40%). Granted you'll go through 4 switchback for about roughly 1.7 miles at about 1120 ft gain as you reach the first junction to go right to the Samish overlook or go left/straight up to the Oyster Dome (1.2 mi further to another junction). Keep in mind Oyster Dome peaks at 2080 ft after a total 3.1 another 900 ft gain to go from there.

    Note: there are doing some sales activity so M-F the direct Oyster dome trail is closed (until 8/10/2018) and you'll need to go the Samish lookout way to get to the dome. Luckily, Sat-Sun it is open. I posted a pic here with the sign.

    Continuing on, as I did the loop, I went towards the Oyster Dome, then up to Lily Lake (ehh - not really exciting), then back down Max's shortcut trail then Larry Reed trail to the Samish overlook. After a little break at the overlook, head back down to the earlier junction, and back to the Chuckanut trailhead.

    Overall a good hike. Not many grand views from the trails, but ok from the Oyster dome and Samish overlook. Today the cloud deck was bad, so I didn't see any water....just peaks sticking out from nearby mountains. Neat in itself. I'd say this is a moderate plus rating.

    ps. There were plenty of trail runners (students) and mountain bikers along Maxs shortcut and Larry reed trail. So expect company.

    Michael Ajifu completed Oyster Dome Loop

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu saved Silver Peak Trail

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Green Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Green lake and Chenuis falls combo

    Temp: 55 degrees. Clear and sunny
    Start: 8:04am
    End: 12:20pm
    Total distance: 11.5 miles
    Green lake trail condition: Good, but some overgrowth due to low traffic.

    Arrived at the trailhead just before 8:00a. Trailhead parking lot was full (10 cars), so I parked along the road 100 ft away. Based on how many people I interacted with during the hike (very little), I suspect most of the car belonged to campers at the Ipsut Creek campsite. TH parking should be day use only.

    The Pre-Hike: As most have mentioned, the trailhead to the Green lake TH is a 3.0 mile walk along forestry gravel road with minimal incline. Yes boring, but very peaceful.

    Green Lake trail: Upon arrival (9:02a), there is a makeshift wood bike rack and large TH sign. The trailhead starts right off with an upward jaunt (10% grade). But will level off a little in about 200 ft or so for a bit then upwards again. The grade cycles various time (5%~20% grade)...keeping in mind the TH (2180 ft) to the lake (3320 ft) is roughly 1200 ft in elevation. At about 1 mile, you can see the clearly marked Ranger Falls viewpoint sign. Nice falls. Continuing: Upward again for another 0.7 miles to the crest of the trail. Soon you will see the bridge and in a few hundred feet, the trail goes down a little to the lakes edge (arrived 10:05a). You will see logs all bunched up where you can walk on them for picture taking. I didn't see a perimeter trail to vernture further, but did see LOTs of water mosquitoes floating. Ickkk. I had tons of DEET 40% lotion on and Permethrin treated clothes, so they didn't bother me much. lol. After about 10 min, I headed back down. Overall a good hike. No grand views though.

    Chenuis Falls: Back at the Green Lake TH, headed east again for 0.5 miles to the Chenuis Falls TH. Immediately, you will go down to the rivers edge and cross a long wood bridge. Its sturdy. If nervous, don't stare too much at the high river flow'll get dizzy and get off balance. Once crossing that, walk along the sandy, rocky path to waterless bridges #2, #3, #4. You'll soon be at the other side. You'll cross couple more as you enter the woods again. But within 75 ft, you will see the falls pool. You're there. Enjoy. Go for a swim. Its not deep, but very clean and clear. Cold too.

    The walk back to the car was so exciting. Not. Took my time and took pictures of the massive trees.
    Overall a nice hike. Bring a bike (with family) and you can ride all the way to Ipsut Creek.


    Michael Ajifu completed Green Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Chenuis Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Summit Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Sunny 51 degrees at 8:45a
    Trip start: 8:58a
    Reached Lake: 10:00a
    Arrived ridge peak via east trail: 10:30a
    Duration at peak: 25-30 min
    Return via west trail (did loop) to Trailhead by: 12:00p

    Drive from Carbon river bridge: Its true, the road is really rough and rocky (all 6.6 miles of it). I don't feel you need a high clearance vehicle (potholes are wide/shallow, and any washout can be driven around.) Though I do recommend a sturdy reliable vehicle. Go slow and maneuver carefully and you'll be fine. Plan about 30-45 min (I took 25 min in my Audi Q5) I even saw the benchmark Prius at the trailhead. lol

    Trailhead parking: The main lot area can easily accommodate about 20 cars (if people park respectfully). But many don't and do a double wide park job. Rude. As usual the road to the TH turns then into a single lane for a bit. As was the case at 12:10p.

    Trail condition: Really good. No problems.

    Looping the Lake: If you plan to loop the lake, take note. Once you reach the perimeter of the lake, you can go left (towards the open field) or go right via the slightly longer scenic route. Going left you will encounter a lot of side trails...just skirt along the lake. Eventually they all converge and form a single rough, rocky, bushy, steep, trail up the west side of the rocky ridge peak. Its definitely quick. Take the Right scenic route and enjoy less of an incline but see a lot more beauty all around. Either way, its a loop.

    Toilets: None at Trailhead. Though, before you cross the Carbon river bridge, go a few hundred yards further (there are two toilets there) as it hosts several other trails there. Park Ranger station you would have passed has no public restrooms.

    Overall a great morning hike and no bugs. Mt Rainier looked happy.

    Michael Ajifu completed Summit Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Marymere Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Mount Storm King

    6 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Sunrift Gorge Trail

    7 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Sun Point Nature Trail

    7 months ago

    Michael Ajifu completed Hidden Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Juniper Peak Summit Trail

    7 months ago

    As my second attempt to summit Juniper Peak (first was 5/12 - snowfield blockage 0.5 mil in to trail), I am so excited to share this trip report from today 6/24.

    Start temp: 59 degree @ 9:30a. Clean skies. First on the trail. Alt 3600 ft

    End temp: 74 degrees @ 12:45p. Clear skies. Five cars at trailhead (some for Tongue Mountain trail)

    I won't bore you with the details on the forestry road to the trailhead. It was good. No issues.

    I'll do my review a little differently this time. I've broken it up to segments for new folks wanting to check this hike out and would know what to expect.

    Trailhead 0.0 - 0.75mi : Consistent incline (~15% grade - felt like a 500 ft/mi pace). Trail is wide most of the way, but remember as this is an OHV approved trail (and the motorcycle track is basically a trench that you'll need to trek through or you can do it along the edge.

    0.75-1.5 mi: The switch back begins. The first two segments are longer (200yds each), then the next three are shorter (50 yds), and the final one is the straight shot to the peak. After a bit, you'll see peakaboos of Adams and Juniper ridge. Note the grade increases a little. I'd say around 20-25% on average. Not too bad though. Just pace yourself. Segments are in good condition and foot friendly. Lol.

    1.5-2.25 mi: The grade here gets sort of steeper, but not by much. It felt like it fluctuated 10%-25%. Overall not bad. But also be advised that the massive amount of bugs live in this zone. It's like an air raid…if it had wings…you'll know it. Great news though, you'll start to see more of Mt Adams.

    2.25-2.75 mi: I honestly feel this is where the gain occurred the quickest. Nearly 45%-50% typical grade in most places. My altimeter showed a ~600 ft gain in this 0.5 mile segment through old growth. Nothing to see here…it was just shaded and steep. Take your time and breath. Not many bugs whizzing by. So you're ok. As you make the final accent to the open views, you'll come to a makeshift Y junction created by bikers. Take either…they will both converge a little ways up just before you exit the tree line. Yeah. You made it.

    2.75-3.0 mi: You're already at the top ridgeline at ~5400 ft. You'll skirt the ridge to Juniper Peak (its more of a big mound/hill..200+ ft in height). Trek as far as you like forward.

    Once as the base of the Juniper Peak…head to the south side staring at My Adams (so very cool). You have two options. Continue to trek another 0.5 mile to the small rock peaks (clearly visible).

    Hint, not really worth it, I went. It's very buggy and visibility to St Helens is hindered a bit from nearby mountains. But you can see Rainier, Adams, and Hood. Anyways, I recommend to save that energy and climb up Juniper Peak on the back side instead. It's about 240 ft up (40-45% grade the lower half, and 50%+ at you approach the top). The first half has a little dirt trail (see in pic), but after that you make your own trail through rocks, grass, and dirt. Others have made many so you can mix and match. Here you will see FOUR volcanoes (Rainier, Adams, St Helens, and Hood in the distance. This was a real treat on such a beautiful cloudless day (but some haze did exist at distance).

    Overall a great hike. I am so happy to have driven 3 hrs to get here and witness this amazing beauty.

    This trail is more of a Moderate plus, due to some steep segments up top that may catch some offguard.

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Lower Lena Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Nice morning hike. When arriving at the trailhead, I was surprised how many cars there were (suspect campers). Lot was full. Always get there early.
    Started the hike at 8:25a, and arrived at the SW outlet of the lake about 9:15 (aka down the trail behind 2nd bridge). Took some pics and then headed up to the campgrounds. Remember before the campgrounds there a large rock face that is raised above the lake and serves a nice lookout point. Trail conditions were really good...mostly dry but some damp spots from stream runoffs. Other than that great.
    Though I have to say most who hike here seems to end up camping...hardly saw many day hikers.

    Curiously I trekked a little ways (few hundreds yds) on the upper lake trail, but when I spotted a creepy guy hiding deep up on the made me nervous being alone. Doubtful a natures calling thing. But I spoke up to say hello and he asked immediately if I was with anyone. Creepy. When I ask what was up there he stated he was taking selfie against a tree. What! 40 ft up a hillside. Anyways. Turned around and headed back down. I saw a couple going up, and whispered to watch out for the guy. Hope they are ok.

    Got back to the trailhead at 12:05p. Fabulous morning.

    Michael Ajifu completed Lower Lena Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Annette Lake Trail

    8 months ago

    Completed this morning. The hike was really good, trails are identified nicely, and no blockage (eg washout, snow, etc). Easily maneuverable without special gear. There is a small snow field just prior to the lake, but just follow the dirty foot tracks :) All is good.

    The bad aspects of this trail is the level of "rooty-ness" and rocks everywhere. Almost the entire hike was full of this. Though is a short hike (7 mi RT), your feet will take a beating. My Keens hiking boots with good soles struggled. That's about it..nice scenery and photo ops.

    Tips: Parking - come early before 8:00a and reverse park in. Why? when you get back cars are double and triple parked very closely without true order. Forward driving out is easier than backing out.

    Michael Ajifu completed Annette Lake Trail

    8 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Bear Creek Loop Trail

    8 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Kendall Katwalk Trail

    8 months ago

    Michael Ajifu reviewed Vance Creek Viaduct

    8 months ago

    Went here after completing the lower fork skokomish river trail just up the road. This was a nice wind down.
    From the parking area, it is an easy walk down to see the bridge. About 0.5 mile down there is a Y fork with a sign to see the side view. Right takes you to the bridge. it's ok. there is razor wires around the pedestals so you can't go on the trestle. heading back down the other route you passed earlier. after about 100 yards you'll come to a yellow flowered bush... like a roundabout. lol. look right and you will see the pink ribbons. follow it for several hundred yards through the narrow wooded trail. Don't worry the ribbons appears every 20 -30 ft. all the way to the outlook. that's it. head back. enjoy

    Michael Ajifu completed Lewis River Falls Trail

    8 months ago