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    Member Since February 2019

    Michelle Maitland

    Niantic, Connecticut 

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    Michelle Maitland reviewed Heron's Nest Nature Park Loop

    4 months ago

    Small but sweet nature area managed by a local private housing development (so don’t be surprised to find some trail ends bring you into or in view of neighborhoods).

    Reasonably wide paths of crushed shell, pine needle, pavement, &/or pressed soil wind around & between wooded areas and two large ponds with some small streams & marshy areas interspersing. Expected birds, geckos and squirrels. A “Danger: Rattlesnakes” sign was a novelty for me, a Yankee visitor.

    I was staying at/(in?) River Strand nearby, visiting family, and that complex weirdly has no shaded paths. So I was just looking for an easy sun dappled walk. About half was, which suited me well. I went down a few side paths and needed to double back a short bit once or twice and ended up at nearly 3 m. No great shakes but good to know about/have around.

    NOTE: • there is a trail map at the lot. Take a picture with phone if you care to, bc there are no others.
    • Bring binocs to watch birds on mini-island rookery • “Interpretative signage” referenced on sign is entirely missing.