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    Member Since May 2016

    Michelle Hesselman Pro-red@3x

    Tonganoxie, Kansas 

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    Michelle Hesselman reviewed Willow Heights Trail

    4 months ago

    This was a pretty nice trail. the left branch from the sheet music is very rocky and a pretty steep climb at first. Still a lot of snow in the forest near the top. We were post holing pretty much every three or four steps and the trail is you best guess at that point. The snow isn't quite as bad on the way back down the other side and ends shortly after the second stream crossing. Lake was pretty. Overall a nice hike but I would love to see it once the snow melts. It is one of the only lake trails we could find to do with so much snow at the higher elevations.

    Michelle Hesselman reviewed Jordanelle Reservoir Trail

    4 months ago

    Really nice easy trail for our last day in Utah after a week of pretty challenging hikes (at least for us lowlanders). We only did about 4 miles of it off the Ross Creek trail but the views were really impressive and exceeded our expectations. Some wild flowers blooming but many looked to be coming soon. In a week or so there should be many more. No shade but just cool enough right now to be a nice walk. I imagine it could be pretty hot later in the summer.

    Michelle Hesselman reviewed Stewart Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Did this trail on 5/29. Beautiful trail and the falls are well worth the effort. Great views on the way up. It poured on us for a short period of time, but got very nice afterward. Due to the rain and melting snow, the trail is a bit muddy and the snow was pretty slushy. MicroSpikes and trekking poles highly recommended. We made a loop out of it, taking a different route back out which turned out to be a fire road and a very easy walk. For those to want to hike to the falls without dealing with as much snow and mud, this would be a good option.

    Michelle Hesselman added Park City

    4 months ago

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    4 months ago

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    4 months ago

    Michelle Hesselman completed Eagle Peak Loop

    5 months ago