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    Michael Tafoya reviewed Sitton Peak Truck Trail

    30 days ago

    This was the second time I've done this trail and it's great. I wouldnt say it's extremely difficult like some others. If you're even remotely in decent shape, it's moderate to hard. I will admit there's the last bit before the peak that goes straight uphill and kicks your ass....You know when you're a teenager and that one kid goes "I'm gonna take the shortcut" and runs straight up hill. That's what that part feels like. Not long but right when you scream out "when will this end?!" you're at the peak. The view is amazing and if you get a clear enough day you can see straight to Malibu. Of course the fires are currently happening so visibility wasn't the best but Long Beach was still visible.

    The rest of the hike is definitely moderate, just a little long. My recording has gotten 9.6 miles both times I've done this hike. Bring lots of water, a lunch for the top and sign the trail log. The candy store at the bottom is a great spot to pick up an adventure pass or last minute things, $10 minimum if you're using a card.

    Last thing is to make sure you know which way at each junction. There's several four or five way junctions and the last little trail off to the peak could be easy to miss. I took screenshots of another hikers play by play directions.

    Michael Tafoya completed Sitton Peak Truck Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Michael Tafoya added Sitton Peak

    about 1 month ago

    Michael Tafoya completed Rock-It Loop Trail

    2 months ago

    Michael Tafoya saved Mount Langley

    9 months ago

    Michael Tafoya saved Upper Bear Creek

    9 months ago

    Michael Tafoya reviewed Tin Mine Canyon Trail

    9 months ago

    I've done this trail several times and its awesome. At some point after you split off from the main road you'll see an old mine and then theres a semi-hidden path a little past that which breaks off and goes up to the ridge. Some people have set up some ropes to help scale some sections of that side trail. It'll get you winded if you're a little out of shape but its doable. I definitely recommend looking for that off chute (its been a while since I've hiked it so I can't give you any pointers off the top of my head. Only thing I can tell you is that it starts on one of those side footpaths on your left that meets back up with that trail in 30 feet but breaks off from that. Pretty soon you'll be funneled into a narrow canyon that'll keep you single file for a moment). We've made it to the ridge twice and just take the ridge back down and it pops out behind those houses at the beginning.
    I've continued past that ropes trail once and both of us hiking got poison oak! Look out for that back there. Wear pants. Take an immediate cold shower when you're done just to be extra safe especially if you brought a dog.