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    Member Since August 2019

    Michael Morgan

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Michael Morgan reviewed Ceran Saint Vrain Trail

    14 days ago

    Very easy trail for hiking, saw all ages on the trail. Lots of dogs off leash but nothing that seemed to be an issue. Ended up camping the night at a spot right by the creek and it was awesome. Not really spectacular views but the creek and the pines made it enjoyable.

    Michael Morgan reviewed Bluebird Lake Trail

    22 days ago

    Got there at 7 am today (8/27) and there was plenty of parking at the wild basin trailhead. Started off cool at about 37*. Very nice beginning few miles that goes through several waterfalls and creeks up to calypso cascades. The next couple of miles are a bit rockier than the beginning. About 95% of the trail has some ascent to it, but there are several flat spot and downhill relief sections. However, the last mile will kick your behind, loose rocks and relatively constant steep inclines. Once you get to the top, it is worth it. Was not busy going up but as the day progressed on the way down it got pretty busy. My gps said 13.16 miles, it definitely feels like it!

    Michael Morgan completed Bluebird Lake Trail

    22 days ago

    Michael Morgan reviewed Fourth of July Mine via Arapaho Pass Trail

    28 days ago

    This was a great hike. I got there a little later than I planned because signs indicated parking was full and to turn back, but after waiting a while for the shuttle and not seeing one, i drove to the trailhead and there was plenty of parking. Road was very rough coming in, i was in an f250 but minivans were there also. Trail is nice in the shade in the beginning with a few rocky patches but also some nice waterfalls. About half to a third of the way it flattens out to let you catch your breath for the last portion which was the hardest. All rocks and the elevation had me breathing a little extra. It’s definitely worth it at the top, beautiful views and great lake for a lunch spot. Including staying up for about 20 min I managed to round trip at 3 hr 45 min.

    Michael Morgan added wishlist

    29 days ago