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    Michael LaMastra reviewed Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    07/21/17. Great hike. Plan to do this one early. Park at Multnomah Lodge, directly below the falls. Walk up and admire the awesome view of Multnomah Falls, then proceed DIRECTLY back toward the lot, and walk past the giftshop/lodge, approximately 600 feet west along the road to Return Trail (it is right before the No Pedestrians sign on the road). Start on Return Trail, which will lead you the Wahkeena side of the Wahkeena-Multnomah Loop. Take the Wahkeena side up and finish down the Multnomah side. You will not be disappointed, as the Wahkeena side is relatively quiet w/ awesome waterfalls along the way. Also, the switchbacks here are easier and far less crowded than the ones on the Multnomah side. Enjoy the spectacular view from the top of Multnomah Falls on the way down. Once you are finished, grab lunch from the lodge restaurant, which serves up good food.

    Michael LaMastra reviewed Mirror Lake Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    07/23/17. If you're motivated to enjoy the serene lake reflection of Mt. Hood, better plan to do this one very early. The trail is well maintained and easy, but also heavily traveled. Parking at the trailhead is limited to about twenty spots. I had to park over at Ski Bowl, which was about a mile west. The good thing is that there is a path to walk back toward the trailhead that is behind the highway guard rails and a safe distance from the traffic.

    Michael LaMastra completed Rim & Gorge Trail

    3 months ago

    Michael LaMastra reviewed Timberline Trail and Paradise Park Loop

    4 months ago

    7/22/17. Great day hike. Used AllTrails gps function after speaking w/ a fellow hiker. Turned it on, threw it in my pocket and consulted it a couple times, which turned out to be very helpful in a few spots.

    Began at Timberline Trail #600 (which is also the Pacific Crest Trail-PCT #2000). Trail begins just east of the Timberline Lodge. The plan was to hike to the intersection of Paradise Park Loop Trail #757, and take this trail up to the intersection with the PCT, then return via the PCT to complete the loop. However, the entrance to #757 was completely blocked with about 15 yards of heavy brush. Did not feel like crawling through it. Continued on the PCT instead, which turned out to be a blessing. After about a mile or so hike through quiet and heavily forested terrain, the trail opened up to a dramatic vista with clear views of Mt Rainier. Got onto the upper part of Paradise Park Loop #757 and hiked among nearly full meadows of bright wildflowers. Took the Paradise Park Trail #778 to avoid the brush blockage on the latter portion of #757 I spotted earlier. Overall, a great experience. Phone died out along the way. Started around 0745 and took about 7.5 hours to complete, including lots of picture taking and breaking for lunch. ***THINGS TO NOTE*** There were a few areas with significant flies, but they were not the biting type and were not a problem. Nevertheless, I did use OFF Deep Woods with so-so results. Also, there were a few wide snowfields and a couple tricky crossings where hiking poles would have definitely come in handy. Furthermore, the trail signposts at the junction of the PCT & #778, as well as the post at the intersection of PCT & the upper part of #757, were knocked down, so take care and check in with the AllTrails gps if you are unsure of your direction.