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    Michael Galioto added Oslo rock

    3 days ago

    Michael Galioto added Long Beach

    6 days ago

    Michael Galioto completed Four Birds Trail

    20 days ago

    Michael Galioto completed Apshawa Preserve - Green Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Michael Galioto reviewed Animal Shute Trail

    2 months ago

    The hike was an awesome experience! My friends and l might have started on the wrong end, and gotten lost a couple of times, but we were able to find our way and make it to the end! There is a great variety of landscapes and the sights of nature combined with rusted metal and barbed wire fences create an interesting story that has to be taken in! The wildlife there is also vibrant, where my friends and l witnessed the usual birds and squirrels but also saw a hawk and several lizards along the way! If you live nearby and want to experience a piece of forgotten history this is definitely a great hike to go on!!

    Michael Galioto completed Animal Shute Trail

    2 months ago

    Michael Galioto reviewed Tourne Trail to Oslo Rock

    2 months ago

    I walk this area several times a year with friends and family and we enjoy it every time. This is such a great hike if you are in the area or even if you're willing to drive out. It has a wide range of sights, climbs, and wildlife that will make you want to come back in different parts of the year! The view of the skyline and the area alone is worth it. i really cannot recommend this hike enough!!