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    Member Since September 2018

    Meredith Hearts Adventure

    Frisco, Colorado 

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    Meredith Hearts Adventure reviewed Lily Pad Lake Trail

    8 months ago

    hiked this on Saturday 10/27 with a friend and puppy. we are in shape, but took our time. 3.5 miles round trip in an hour and 45 minutes. great views at start and end along with shadowy fields of pine trees. limited parking at wildernest start on a weekend.

    Meredith Hearts Adventure reviewed Old Dillon Reservoir Trail

    9 months ago

    was hoping to trail run this and loop it twice. not quite enough in shape to get the initial uphill at a run. ended up looping the lake three times and running down. That was perfect for my usual 3 mile run.

    Meredith Hearts Adventure reviewed North Ten Mile Creek Trail

    9 months ago

    lots of different settings - river with mini waterfalls, open canyons and forested pine trees and Aspen's. hiked on tuesday 9/25 and not too crowded. walked from just under the highway overpass and it was just under 7.5 miles. did it in 2 hrs 40 minutes. turn around when you get to the cross

    Meredith Hearts Adventure reviewed Rainbow Lake, Miners Creek, and Peaks Trail Loop

    9 months ago

    A bit crowded...counted 44 cars in the parking lot. however once you get pass rainbow lake the crowds thinned out. despite the crowds we saw a moose down low. the marker for where to turn around and go back down was minimal, but if you follow the map in the app you'll be fine.