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    Member Since July 2016

    Melissa Mastroni

    Ansonia, Connecticut 

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    Melissa Mastroni reviewed Lilinonah Trail

    8 months ago

    Melissa Mastroni reviewed Zoar Trail

    8 months ago

    a nice 6 ish mile hike with some good changes in terrain and challenge. overall, it took about 2 hrs 15 mins with time taken for pictures and also got a bit lost. it does get a little tough to follow the markers toward the back half maybe mile 5 and 6 if on the blue trail. All in all, this is a good go-to for me to knock out a decent workout close to home. A note to dog owners....most I saw don't abide by on-leash rule, so if you go with your dog, please keep your dog on leash.

    Melissa Mastroni completed Zoar Trail

    8 months ago