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    Melissa Hernandez completed Aiea Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Melissa Hernandez completed Likeke Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Melissa Hernandez reviewed Koko Crater Arch Trail

    5 months ago

    This hike is definitely a challenge. I’ve uploaded a google maps picture to show two different trails to and around arch, basically if you stay on the LEFT trails life is somewhat easier! To enter: cross after the Japanese fishing shrine (closer to the city) this trail is much easier and still beautiful AND it meets up with the other trail quickly. About half way up the trail gets harder: loose gravel, slick rocks, high winds, and some steep drop offs. If it’s windy, I would definitely delay my hike for better conditions. When close to the arch I suggest going LEFT. You do have to climb over 1 boulder but the trail incline is less steep, less loose gravel, shorter, and protected from the winds better. We went up the right because someone said they had done the trail many times and that we should definitely go that way....

    Melissa Hernandez reviewed Puu Maelieli Trail [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

    6 months ago

    We did this for New Years sunrise and it was great! Parking was rough. the trail was very easy to follow only one split from main trail but even at night it was easy to tell with our headlamps. Slightly muddy, but we managed to stay clean. Enough people to feel safe but not crowded trail. There was a beehive near the top we were given a heads up about so keep an eye and ear out.

    Melissa Hernandez reviewed Koko Crater Trail

    6 months ago

    Tough, but such a great workout & beautiful views. Pretty good shade for starting a hike @ 0830 and many places to stop for rest & hydration on this steep, challenging hike. The top is a whole new adventure of fun stuff to explore too! Definitely some slick spots & the bridge needs all your full attention as there is a few loose boards and it’s pretty steep + little support

    Melissa Hernandez completed Rainbow Falls Trail

    9 months ago