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    Michelin Hall

    New York City, New York 

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    Michelin Hall reviewed St Stefanio - Calascio Loop

    12 days ago

    So we missed the original trail head and turned out to be a great loop! Good conditions today sept 10. We didn’t see the overgrowth or wash out mentioned in the previous post.

    To find the loop we did head up the hard top road overlooking the lake and restaurant. Go up until the road does a 180 degree turn. Take a right onto the trail. When you come to the next fork continue up to the right. When you get close to the castle and the monastery, you’ll see the trail back to Santo Stefano. We went up to poke around the castle for a bit then headed back on that trail. Total was about 7 miles round trip according to my Apple Watch. Super nice. Wish I’d brought a picnic for the top.

    Michelin Hall added Asheville hikes

    over 1 year ago

    Michelin Hall reviewed Pitkin Lake Trail

    almost 2 years ago

    We hiked this trail yesterday and it was one of the prettiest trails I’ve ever hiked. As others have mentioned, It was hard to find the trail in certain points and it is uphill nearly the entire way, especially in the beginning and at the end. It was a great work out, taking us a little over three hours to get to the top and another two or so to the bottom. Definitely bring your snowshoes for the last part of the trek.

    I would not recommend this hike for beginners, or for visitors who have yet to acclimate to the altitude. The views on this trail are amazing, especially once you get to the “meadow” section.

    I’m excited to come back to this trail in the Summer or Fall when Aspens are in color. Super hike with not one other person on the trail. 5 Stars.

    Michelin Hall completed Pitkin Lake Trail

    almost 2 years ago