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    May Bejerano completed Stoddard Peak Trail

    4 months ago

    May Bejerano reviewed North Etiwanda Falls and Preserve Loop

    5 months ago

    Beautiful day to hike Etiwanda Falls / Preserve
    Loop today. it’s a quick 2-hour workout! jsut check the weather as it can get really hot in the IE.

    May Bejerano reviewed Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Hiked this trail twice in 7 days in an attempt to get to the Peak. The first try was really tough, truly an intense leg workout, we started late at 8:30am. Clear skies with magnificent view of the mountains and trees. We had to turn around with 1.2 miles left to the peak. We calculated 3 hours for that 1.2 miles in and out. on top of the 7hours in and out from our stop point. We were not prepared to walk for 3 hours in the dark given the sun sets at 4:40pm. 2nd attempt: we were excited to go up again this familiar trail. Weather was a lot cooler than the previous week. the inclines are still very hard the second time around. When we got to the Icehouse canyon, the weather suddenly changed. extremely windy and cold with a little snow shower, possible rain. We could not proceed to the peak due to the weather. We went up Timber Mt. instead, still with awesome view of the clouds. We will come back next year when it's no longer cold and days are longer as this trail requires 10-11 hours to complete, more if you head down after sunset. Don't underestimate this trail, come prepared with lots of water, food, additional clothing, gloves.