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    Member Since April 2019

    Maximilian Mattei

    Phoenix, Arizona 

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    Maximilian Mattei reviewed Mooney Falls from Supai

    15 days ago

    The defend down can be tricky towards the end. Make sure to grab gloves if you’re afraid of heights. You walk half way down on a trail, go through 2 small caves then get to the rock wall, chains and rocks were soaked from the waterfall, take your time and you’ll be fine. People are pretty good and not rushing other people and making sure everyone gets up safe. Maintain 3 points of contact and you’ll be happy you made the climb down.

    Maximilian Mattei reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    15 days ago

    Great trail for beginners, can get very busy during the day.

    Maximilian Mattei reviewed Havasupai Trail to Supai

    15 days ago

    Just got back 2 days ago and it was the best backpacking trip I have ever been on. The trail from the hilltop to the village is fairly easy, the worst part in my opinion is the weight from the packs, and the switch backs at the beginning and the end. Hiking poles are a must they will save your knees on the way down and back up. You will be dog tired at the end once you get into town and your feet will be sore but it’s worth the hike!

    Side bar: they will search your bags and car before the hilltop for beer , liquor and any other non permitted items. If they find it they will fine you 2k and turn you around and you won’t be able to hike or be refunded. Didn’t happen to us but a group before us.