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    Member Since September 2019

    Maura Handte

    Temple Hills, Maryland 

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    Maura Handte completed Emerald Lake Trail

    4 days ago

    Maura Handte reviewed Emerald Lake Trail

    4 days ago

    I absolutely love Emerald Lake! It is so beautiful and does not have the crowds that the other nearby locations have. It makes it even more magical having hardly any crowds. We did the loop around the lake and it took about 2/2.5 hours with stops. Going clockwise around the lake has beautiful views of the lake, however, the second half on the trail once you reach the other side of the lake does not. I would recommend going back the way you came as opposed to doing the full loop. We then stopped for lunch at the cute lodge hotel!

    Maura Handte reviewed Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail

    4 days ago

    I hiked this trail on Oct 10th, a couple days after the snowfall, and it was very icey. I had small crampon spikes on and was able to go almost the whole way with no issues, however, about 1 km or so before the tea house it was extremely icey on a portion of the trail that is quite narrow and along a cliff. I decided against risking my life and turned around. But the views the whole and up to this point were spectacular. I’m so glad I did the hike even if I did turn around before reaching the tea house.

    Maura Handte reviewed Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley Trail

    8 days ago

    Got to the lot at 845am and there were parking spots available. Only went as far as larch valley. It was VERY ICEY near the top. If you don’t have crampons be extremely careful. It was also very muddy on the way back down which was a little slippery. It was worth it though! The larches are still in bloom and there’s a small frozen lake at the the base of the mountains at the top of the larch valley trail.