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    trail through the woods.. following a dirty creek. one or two spots to get out on rocks along the creek. there's a cool spot at the verge of the muddy creek and the clear huge river. I saw a couple skinny dipping swimming in that area.. so we couldn't really enjoy the spot and get in ourselves.. the river was flowing fast looks fun. there's some more rocks on the little island between the creek and river just ipstream a bit. might be a fun adventure to go chill on those rocks and swim in front of it . the trail dies out it seems. very overgrown past this spot . I got some weird allergic reaction trying to go thru it.. it went away after 30min. decent trail. only that one spot at the end for River view ... hopefully nobody is there when you go!

    trail is ok.. did this in mid afternoon. very hot. the ups and downs on the trail we're a little tiring with the 98degree heat. lol but it was ok.. disappointed that the trail didn't go along the creek so my dog could play in it. just a steep cliff. I climbed down to refill a water bottle for my dog. other than that no water. pine tree forest. birds. didn't see anything else. some wild flowers. the trail isn't the best design. but it's a loop trail . benches along the way far spaced apart. information plaques about the native animals with description. good for young kids. no cool rocks to climb across or any spectacular views. nice secluded peaceful forest tho.

    19 days ago

    took my dog here on the loop trail. it's nice .. lush green because you are walking near wetlands and a creek. I saw a box turtle. took 2 hours or less. it was a pretty forest .. good without having to drive over an hour away..

    1 month ago

    I love this trail. scramble across the huge rocks along the side of the creek.. I never finished the loop. would just go to the end of creek where it turns into private property then turn around. I'm not sure if I was using the actual trail at points. it may go up further on the hill at spots but I just stayed next to the water and climbed across the rocks. the ruins at the start of the trail are really cool as well. there are ruins that follow the creek too! civil war era hydroelectric paper mill from what I remember .. it's a 5star for the nearby area... obviously doesn't compare to some North Georgia trails lol

    2 months ago

    I started on the orange loop, then the red trail along the creek. at the end of the creek is a small waterfall. you can cross here to the blue trail. I followed the blue trail along the creeks until I got to the Forrest road. went down that until I got to the green trail that went alongside another small creek. did that and ended at the parking lot. started at 1 ended at 4. I stopped for a good hour exploring the creek. the best part is along the blue trail along the creek. there are small rapids. very luscious green vegetation. ferns. mushrooms. huge forest of big oak and hardwood trees with occasional pines. saw three deer, a rabbit, frogs, lizards, birds sang the entire way, a few nats in spots but I kept moving wasn't bad with no bug spray. saw only one mountain biker the entire time... on a Sunday.. many different options of trail routes to take.. many shortcuts and detours if you want to combine trails. great trail to get some miles in ... I usually go on shorter trails nearby. it's not the best trail around metro Atlanta area but it's a good trail to do something new and to go a little longer than normal .

    this is a cool trail. great views at the top along the rock face. some 700ft drop? people were repelling off of. very crowded though. camping isnt allowed. lots of steps. a hammock might be nice at the top though.. huge birds flying at the top

    I thought I would be able to access sky pond based on the reviews... I made it halfway up the frozen waterfall using microspikes and trekking poles. It got way too sketchy for me. It was completely ice and I could not get good grips; If you fall, you could die. So I turned back at this point. I think crampons and an ice pick or something would be more ideal. Although, I'm sure some people made it past this point with only microspikes and trekking poles, but I did not feel like risking my life.

    where the trail splits to go to Andrews glacier is it covered in snow. snowshoes are required at this point. I hiked maybe 1/4 mile in microspikes but the postholing was just too often so I had to abort and turn around.

    7 months ago

    great trail. very windy above treeline.. microspikes are needed. it gets sketchy the last mile. but if you have microspikes (and trekking poles) it isn't bad.

    could not access the trail.. the road was about 8 miles of 4wd snow covered road. beautiful out there though !

    7 months ago

    need microspikes.. postholing towards the top and gets a little sketchy climbing next to the frozen water near black lake but doable . very pretty . beautiful lakes
    check out the frozen water to the South when you get to black lake. follow the footprints so you don't sink in the snow! all the lakes are frozen.. just walk straight across them instead of the trail. started at 9am made it to black lake at 11:30 left at 12:20 arrived at glacier gorge trailhead by 2:30?

    great trail. started at 9:40am made the summit at 12:20pm left summit at 1:20 got back to parking lot around 3. microspikes are needed although I saw people not wearing them which I thought was crazy. guenella pass is open as of now

    9 months ago

    great trail.... away from all of the people in YNP... bring deet if hiking in summer.. tons of mosquitoes and flies.. a little difficult when hitchhiking to the trailhead... I hitched from old faithful to the start of the dirt road... then off and on until I got to the trailhead... I think I spent more time hitchhiking to the trailhead than on the trail! haha .. fun trail.. wide river ford at the beginning..

    9 months ago

    The top of the tower is chained off... you can only climb half way up the steps... decent view... would be a lot nicer if you could get to the top.... the road getting here takes like an hour.... bumpy forest road....