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    Member Since December 2018

    Matthew Barnard

    San Mateo, California 

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    Matthew Barnard completed Ikoma

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    Matthew Barnard reviewed Timber Mountain

    8 months ago

    The weather definitely played into the experience I had on this trail in a good way. I hiked the trail the morning after a snow storm blew through the area. It dropped 2-3 inches in the higher elevations and dusted the lower areas enough for there to be thin ice up to 1.5 miles in.

    This trail overall was in mixed conditions thanks to a hard freeze the night before with snow on the ground the afternoon before. While I managed it without crampons, poles, or grips, less agile or experienced hikers would benefit from there use if conditions are right for ice/snow.

    Total time up and down via the icehouse trail head was 3 hours 44 minutes. Car to the Icehouse saddle was 1 hour 20 minutes, Saddle to summit 26 minutes. Down hike took 1 hour 37 minutes though I ran the last 1/2 mile.

    Overall impressions and recommendations are positive. The trail is well maintained with the path easily seen even under snow. Good signage and mike marks help you keep track of your pace and location without needing gps or map. My major complaint is the trail starts the first 3/4 of a mile with you going through cabins and huts. They ruin the experience a bit as someone that likes to detach from the world when on a hike.

    Definitely agree with the moderate rating as the grade is constant with no flat sections to get a break from the elevation change. More of a challenge for newer hikers, nice training hike for backpackers, but those looking for a challenge will have better luck elsewhere when there isn’t mixed conditions. The ice/snow changes that though as the last 1.5 miles gets technical with those conditions present.

    Matthew Barnard completed Timber Mountain

    8 months ago

    Matthew Barnard saved Timber Mountain

    8 months ago