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    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed East Canyon Preservation Trail

    3 months ago

    My husband and our friend and I did a backpack training session here yesterday. The cairns were VERY helpful...just needed them throughout the entire trail. We got a little off-trail 2-3 times because of this. But it was a good training trail...plenty of ups and downs but nothing crazy. The mosquitoes were out in full force around the stagnant water areas so bring your bug spray! We really enjoyed the hike and recommend it to anyone not wanting to do a hard elevation hike but still wants a decent workout. :)

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Devil's Head Lookout Trail to Fire Tower

    3 months ago

    Fantastic! Trail is well maintained (I agree with the sentiment about bad dog owners...there were bags in the bathroom too, come on!) and Mr. Ellis is a delight! We had such a good time and the view, although hazy, was amazing!

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Evergreen Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    Took Evergreen Mountain West on the way up and East on the way back. Our total mileage was 6.8 miles and that included the scenic view right before you hit the scenic loop at the top.

    This trail is a great, gradual incline and I agree, this should probably be rated as an easy hike. Another great one in CO! :)

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Tree Molds Trail

    3 months ago

    The end of this trail is a little anti-climactic (where the actual tree molds are) but the hike was nice. Not a ton of shade options so if you are going during that hot part of the day, sunscreen and water!

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Broken Top Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Enjoyed this trail and it's eclectic features! Totally kid-friendly and not hard. Bring your headlamp for the cave! :)

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Carpenter Peak Trail

    4 months ago

    Between the blistering sun and the torrential rain at the peak, this was a rough one for us. The trail was great and well marked and the views are beautiful. But if you aren't prepared for Colorado's bi-polar weather, you will be miserable. We were miserable. The heat zapped a lot of energy and we were very slow moving. Then the rain. And hail. And there was no prediction of this weather in any weather app we saw so we had to hunker down about 1/4 mile from the top and wait it out. It was scary and a huge lesson was learned.

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Quarry Mesa Trail Loop

    4 months ago

    Can't really call this a hike due to how short it is and I really wouldn't call it moderate either...more like easy. Great views and pretty flat once you get up to the top of the mesa. Would do this again for sure.

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Edna Mae Bennet Nature Trail

    6 months ago

    Nice up and down trail but like several folks said, not well marked. We parked near bathrooms off of Paseo Road and there's a trail entrance with a little bitty sign that says Edna Mae Bennett Trail on it. The actual Edna Mae trail is only a 1.5 mile loop...the map for this trail on this app adds in another mile along the Templeton Trail...which doesn't make a loop. We hiked along the ridge and it's a one way that leads you to a parking lot and then we came back and met up with the Edna Mae again. Some trail placards are missing from some of the posts, FYI. It really is a pretty little trail and for those not in the best shape, the hardest part is the first part when you are going uphill. Then it evens out and the views are wonderful!

    Matt & Beth Culpepper completed Greyrock Trail

    7 months ago

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Taggart Lake Trail

    8 months ago

    Good snow conditions with some post-holing. Some steep angled sections on the Beaver Creek return loop; crampon aided snowshoes with side rails recommended.

    Matt & Beth Culpepper reviewed Parmalee Trail Loop

    8 months ago

    Trail In great shape and just a little wet from recent snow. Great, little workout no matter which way you start. Beautiful views, great wooded spots to cool you off from the open, sunny spots. We will be back for sure!

    Matt & Beth Culpepper completed Rock Park Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Matt & Beth Culpepper completed Glendale Farm Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Matt & Beth Culpepper added White River NF

    over 1 year ago