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    Mary Andrewskiewicz reviewed Dark Hollow Falls Trail

    12 months ago

    We did this in conjunction with Rose River Trail, and it was definitely a nice combination. The falls on this trail were a nice picnic spot with some flat rocks to sit on and watch. There were lots of people on the trail, and we saw a bear with 3 cubs along the way. Seeing the bears was fine except that other people were getting too close and were more concerned with their selfies than their safety. The trail itself, though, was fine, and we certainly enjoyed the views along the way.

    Mary Andrewskiewicz reviewed Rose River Trail

    12 months ago

    This was a fun trail. We stopped on a flat rock near water to have a short picnic about 1/4 of the way through, and then again for a snack next to a river later on, so there were definitely a few nice areas to sit and relax. We also climbed down to a small pool of calm water that looked like it would have been great for swimming. Lots of diversity on the trail. The views along the way were great, but the "main view" wasn't as amazing as I'd assumed it would be. However, that was made up for by the views along the way, making it still worth it and worth the 5 stars.

    Mary Andrewskiewicz completed Rose River Trail

    12 months ago

    Mary Andrewskiewicz reviewed Humpback Rocks Recreation Area

    12 months ago

    This is our favorite hiking trail. It's a fun hike up with lots to explore, and the view is amazing every time. It's not a long trail at all, and we like making it the last stop on our hiking trips because we know it won't disappoint!