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    Member Since August 2018

    Marty Petersen

    Schenectady, New York 

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    Marty Petersen completed Lisha Kill Nature Loop

    9 months ago

    Marty Petersen reviewed Lisha Kill Preserve

    9 months ago

    Nice woodland preserve, but the trail markings can be erratic. It's easy to wander down a clear path that tapers off to raggedy scrub. The blue trail markers in particular seem to be clustered so close together that it has two or three blazes on one tree, and three more on the next tree 12 feet away, and then five more blazes on the next five trees. Then, nothing....
    So download the map before you head out, or follow the blue dot as you go, to make sure you don't end up climbing several extra ravine slopes in search of the path.

    Marty Petersen reviewed Bradford Falls Trail

    10 months ago

    Badly eroded trail, many deadfalls across the footpath. Trail fades out at the first stream crossing, no markers to indicate whether to cross or turn upstream. No waterfall to speak of, unless we turned back too soon. The climb was not too strenuous but the destination was hardly worth it, unless some clearing and marking work is done. A pleasant walk in the woods, is about all that can be said.

    Marty Petersen completed Bradford Falls Trail

    10 months ago