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    Mark Traphagen saved Mount Ward Trail

    4 months ago

    Mark Traphagen completed Battle Road Trail

    10 months ago

    Mark Traphagen completed Old North Bridge Walk

    10 months ago

    Mark Traphagen reviewed Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

    11 months ago

    Pleasant, very easy walk mostly on old dirt/gravel roads through varied forest and wetlands. Along the way you'll pass over a dozen Army ammunition bunkers from World War II. Take the short Kingfisher Trail to a beautiful pond.

    Mark Traphagen saved Thompson Pass

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen reviewed Long Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    Decent loop (mostly) through beautiful younger forest crossing lots of old stone fences. Never completely out of hearing of cars, and the southern part is all on roads or through (often) crowded beaches and picnic areas (but compensated for by lovely views of the two reservoirs.

    The trail recorded here starts from the boathouse and you'll be immediately confused, as there is no trail there! Follow my directions below for doing this loop clockwise:

    From the boathouse, turn left on the main park road and walk uphill a short distance to parking area B. About halfway up the left (north) side of the lot you'll find a small path (unmarked). Take this a short distance and you'll join the Loop Trail, a much broader path.

    Turn left on the Loop Trail (north - red blazes) and stay on the broad path. Don't take any of the smaller paths leading off it, which are mostly connectors to the road or parking areas.

    Soon you'll come back to the road (Ash St.). Cross the road and turn right. Ignore that the path recorded here seems to go off into the woods to your left; it doesn't. Just a GPS error.

    At the three way intersection, cross the Main Entrance Road, turn right, and in a few yards you'll come to the trailhead for the Aiken's Trail. Turn left onto that trail and follow the yellow blazes to a junction with the Long Trail. Turn right on the Long Trail. You'll follow that trail (yellow blazes) all the way across the northern end of the park, and most of the up-and-down of this loop is on this section.

    Eventually you'll come to a grass-and-gravel road (Aiken's Road, though it is not marked here). To follow this loop, turn right here. You could extend the hike a small bit (and stay in the woods longer) by going straight and continuing on the Long Trail until it comes to a t-junction. There you'd turn right and come back to Main Road. Cross Main Rd., and watch for and take the Oval Trail to the left after a short distance.)

    Aikein's Road comes to Main Road, and diagonally across you'll see the Oval Trail heading up and diagonally-away from the road. Take that and enjoy the lovely overlook of the swimming pond below the dam.

    Just before the dam, the Oval Trail turns right uphill and almost immediately left. The recorded trail here continues straight uphill but brings you quickly to a parking area and the park road. I would take the left turn of the Oval Trail and stay in the woods a few minutes more. It will rejoin the same road further down.

    If you followed the straight uphill route, go to the end of the parking area and turn left on Dogwood Dr. You'll follow that road until it ends just after the trail across the dam. The rest of your way back to the boat house is via beaches, picnic areas, and parking lots alongside the main reservoir.

    Mark Traphagen completed Long Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen saved Long Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen reviewed Callahan State Park Backpacker-Bear Paw Loop

    12 months ago

    An easy-to-moderate 1-1.5 hour loop that takes you past the lovely little Beebe Pond. Trail is well-maintained for the most part. Many confusing junctions, so pay attention to your map or AllTrails. Beautiful open forest crossed by the remains of many old rock walls from when this was farm land in the 19th century.

    Mark Traphagen reviewed Mt. Ward Trail Out-and-Back to Mt. Ward Summit

    12 months ago

    This hike is one of those urban gems - the chance to feel like you're in deep woods while you're in the center of an urbanized area. Added bonus is the loop to the summit of Mt. Ward, really just a large hill, which gives you some elevation gain for extra exercise, and has a pleasant bench under a curious-looking old maple tree at its summit. This version of the trail starts and ends from a nice little parking area with a trailhead map station. You'll find the trailhead parking on the driveway just to the left of the Alltop Mobile gas station on Rt. 20 (Boston Post Road) across from The Home Depot and Dunkin Donuts.

    Mark Traphagen updated Mt. Ward from Trailhead Parking

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen reviewed Mount Ward Trail

    12 months ago

    Much better to start at the actual trailhead which is next to the Nissan-Toyota dealership storage lot behind the Alltop gas station on Rt 20 (Boston Post Road). Look for the driveway to the left of the gas station next to the car wash. Trailhead with a nice parking lot is just before the dealership lot on the right.

    Starting from there adds just 1/2 mile each way, but gives you a decent place to park, and there's a trail map there that you can photograph with your phone to help. This trail joins the Mount Ward loop at the gas line cut-through (the long straight section in the map here). You turn right at the gas line clearing and then watch carefully for a trail sign pointing left and up Mt. Ward.

    Coming back can be a bit confusing. After descending Mt. Ward you'll come back to the gas line cut-through, but at a different point. Follow the gas line until shortly after crossing a little three-log bridge you'll see a trail to the left. That's the trail back to the parking lot that you came in on. Turn left and then immediately you come to a T where you could go either way. it's not marked, but turning right here takes you back to the parking lot

    For a full map of my route, see my recording attached to this trail.

    Mark Traphagen completed Mount Ward Trail

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen added Mt. Ward Loop

    12 months ago

    Mark Traphagen completed Assabet River Rail Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Mark Traphagen added descent

    about 1 year ago