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    Mark Portman saved Mount Langley

    15 days ago

    Mark Portman saved Matterhorn Peak

    15 days ago

    Mark Portman saved Warren Lake Trail

    15 days ago

    Mark Portman reviewed Pyramid Peak via Lyons Creek Trail

    18 days ago

    Long day hike. Still quite a bit of snow as of 6/3 with some post holing around deeper rock patches but most of it is walkable/not frozen. Definitely no need for snowshoes or any traction really for vast majority... extra weight not worth it for where it could help.

    Mark Portman reviewed North Lake Loop via Lamarck Col and Alpine Col (Goethe lake, Darwin Canyon)

    3 months ago

    Lost GPX file so had to draw it out. Much more strenuous than the 17 miles (GPX file read ~25 miles) and 5000 vertical feet described. First and last 6 miles (on trail up to Lamarck Col and down from Muriel Lake) are fine but everything in between is scrambling, talus, shale, route finding. All class 3, sometimes having to take off packs etc. Still worth it for the views of Darwin Canyon if you don't have time for the 55 mile North Lake to South Lake loop. Doable in 3 days but don't underestimate the route finding/talus/boulder fields.

    Mark Portman completed Castle Peak Trail

    7 months ago

    Mark Portman added castle peak

    8 months ago

    Mark Portman saved Castle Peak Loop

    8 months ago

    Mark Portman saved Frog Lake Overlook

    8 months ago