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    Member Since June 2017

    Mark Caldwell Pro-red@3x

    Nashville, Tennessee 

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    Mark Caldwell reviewed Ka'au Crater

    9 days ago

    It was muddy. It was hard. It was dangerous. It was awesome.

    Mark Caldwell completed Ka'au Crater

    9 days ago

    Mark Caldwell reviewed Antelope Canyon

    9 days ago

    Amazing place, but just so so crowded, and quite expensive for a pretty short tour through the upper canyon. It is incredible though—if natural wonders are your thing, you should do this at least once.

    Mark Caldwell completed Antelope Canyon

    9 days ago

    Mark Caldwell reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    9 days ago

    Everything about this was great—except the crowds. It made an otherwise straightforward/relatively safe hike feel more dangerous. That being said, it’s still worth it, and if you keep your wits about you and avoid any reckless hikers on the final stretch, you’ll be totally fine. I’d do it again!