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    Member Since November 2016

    Marilyn Terranova

    Carmel, New York 

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    Marilyn Terranova reviewed Mescal Mountain Loop Trail

    15 days ago

    We completed this loop on a very hot day at the end of August but loved it. Loved walking along the mountain ridge. Beautiful views. Deadman’s Pass is nice and can lead you to Boynton Pass if you want to do that trek as well. We completed the loop but the backside of Mescal on Deadman’s Pass was very hot with little shade. Go early if you’re doing this hike. It also ends about a quarter mile from the parking area on Long Canyon Rd. We didn’t hear any construction noise.

    Marilyn Terranova reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    15 days ago

    We started from the parking area on Long Canyon Rd, taking Chuckwagon Trail, then following Devils Bridge. This is way nicer and prettier than starting at Dry Creek Rd. The final climb to the arch can be difficult but worth the view and walking on the arch. Coming backdown to the ledge can be quite difficult and would not recommend if you have knee issues or have small children. Go as high as the ledge and you’ll still enjoy the view.

    Marilyn Terranova reviewed Courthouse Butte Loop Trail

    15 days ago

    This was an easy loop and very pretty. Particularly liked the back loop near the washes - pretty landscape with shade on a very hot day.