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    maribel cabrera completed Bear Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    maribel cabrera completed Inspiration Point

    5 months ago

    maribel cabrera reviewed Southford Falls Park Trail

    5 months ago

    we did this as an alternative to Kettletown state park trails being closed. We were looking for an "easy" hike in the area to take my parents that were visiting for the week.
    The Hike end up a tad less "easy" because of the obstacles due to the tornados that recently hit CT (5/15/18), the north part of the trail is still no clean, so many trees are blocking the trail and you have to find your way around.
    But it was fun for us and them and they end up with some "adventurous" pictures :D.

    maribel cabrera completed Red Loop

    5 months ago

    maribel cabrera reviewed Tongariro Alpine Crossing

    5 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have to confessed, we decide to do this hike because of "mount doom" and after completing it we were amazed with EVERYTHING. we did it around January 4-7, cant recall the exact day by now :/

    We took a shuttle from our RV campground to Mangatepopo car park; and the same service pick us up at Ketetahi car park. (I think we used this one )
    At the start it was misty and light rain, by the time we hit the real steep part it was foggy; we stay around 1h in the highest point, and when going down it was sunny.
    Our shuttle pick us up around 9am, and we got the last shuttle back at 6pm. Took around 1h on the top and took a LOT of picture. we (I) are also slow pace hikers.

    Is suppose to be very crowded, dunno if it was because there was storm in the area the day before (we had to re-schedule our trip to the area and stay in Taupo an extra day) but it never felt crowded.

    Advice: Make sure you have rain jacket, do layers (I was wearing 1 t-shirt, 1 swearer, raining jacket; 1 legging and one water proof pant on top >> end up with leggings and t-shirt; swearer on and off)
    We took 2L water each, but it was not as hot/humid so we consume less water than on previous hikes.
    Good boots
    DONT forget your camera :D


    maribel cabrera saved Seven Falls Trail

    10 months ago

    maribel cabrera reviewed Peak Mountain via Metacomet Trail

    about 1 year ago

    the hike is ok. We started on the suggested intersection of 20 and Newgate road. The trail is easy to follow. We hike 3 miles ,before turning around. Took us around 2h with 20minute stop trying to take a picture of a calliope. LOL
    It has a area for street parking; and if that is full you can still park by the shoulders.
    Trail is light traffic and well maintained.
    No much to see; most view are partly obstructed,and you never feel much in nature with airport noise in the background, as well as the road right there. Most views are of houses below. The Peak is ok, with some far point views. Is a good "in my backyard" hike, but nothing to drive to (we drove from new haven)

    maribel cabrera saved Bash Bish Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    maribel cabrera reviewed Mount Tallac Trail

    over 1 year ago

    we decided to finally move from the small hikes on the east coast; this was a hell of a jump in difficulty for us, but totally worth it. It took us 5h up (we stop for around 40min on cathedral lake) and 3.5h down, with around 30min on the summit (eating a sandwich with that view is priceless)
    after cathedral lake 2 portion of the trail is still cover by snow (7/27/17) so you have to go around and do some "rock hiking" which was different, hard, crazy and produced fun pictures.
    For the last 2 miles going down we were pretty tired, but we dont regret this hike one bit. It inspired us to do more like this!
    You just dont stop being amazed, each view point and each field is perfect!
    ps we drank about 2L each.

    maribel cabrera completed Mount Tallac Trail

    over 1 year ago